MLB The Show 20 Franchise Rebranding & Relocating: No expansion teams, but you can customize any ball club

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The release for MLB The Show 20 approaches, and more and more about the game is coming out thanks to the developer livestreams that are hitting weekly.

There are several firsts happening this year, with the addition of true-to-life Minor League rosters the biggest.

This will also be the final PlayStation-exclusive in the series, with MLB The Show 21 expected to be available on Xbox Series X.

Another big aspect of this year's game will be the ability to completely change your franchise from the location, name, and branding to the roster itself.

While there is no expansion team possibility, you can take over a team and turn them into your perfect MLB franchise.

Rebranding & Relocating

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UP AND LEAVE: You can change home, and take the entire roster with you

Within Franchise Mode you will be able to begin your team's rebranding process immediately, or in the offseason once the playoffs are done.

The creator suite is incredibly in-depth with a lot of the options borrowed from Diamond Dynasty.

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You can choose your team details. This includes team colors, location and nickname.

You don't have to just pick from the stock logos though, as there is a vault where you can download and import user-created logos.

From there you have to pick out the uniform from cleats to cap.

Stadium creation

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BYE BYE IVY: You can leave the friendly confines if you want

From there, you have to pick out your new home!

There are 60 stadiums to pick from, including classic venues, minor league parks, and spring training stadiums.

However, there is no true create-a-ballpark feature, and if you pick to play in PNC Park you will still see Pirates logos and branding on the stadium.

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Hopefully, this can be patched post-release to all true relocation immersion.

For now though, this is a great starting point. We look forward to punishing the Astros properly by moving them to Alaska.

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