MLB The Show 20 Diamond Dynasty: New features revealed in latest trailer – Showdown, Legends, gameplay, and more

The gameplay trailer has dropped and teased a brand new game mode for Diamond Dynasty!


Pitchers and catchers have reported and the 2020 MLB season is officially underway!

With the release of MLB The Show 20’s trailer, excitement in the baseball community is sky high.

This year’s MLB The Show is setting up to be extra special as it is the 15th Anniversary of San Diego Studios baseball sim, and extends their time as the premier baseball game developer.

The fastest-growing feature in The Show is Diamond Dynasty, baseball’s version of the trading card game mode.

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It is rapidly becoming THE game mode on The Show, and with this year’s game being such an occasion is undoubtedly going to be flooded with improvements and new content.

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The trailer teased a lot of content, including new DD features, so what exactly did we learn?

Showdown and new game modes

WHO DIS?: DD is set to see new game modes and content

By far the main takeaway from the trailer, as far as DD is concerned, is the introduction of a brand new game mode called Showdown.

Unfortunately, we don’t see anything more than an emblem for the mode, and the proceeding gameplay doesn’t seem specific to any game mode.

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Thankfully, with the release of the trailer, San Diego Studios also released the full developer livestream schedule, which confirmed Showdown was a DD game mode and tells us we’ll have more information about DD’s Showdown and content on March 7.

An extra nugget from the trailer was the number of game mode emblems seemed to show prior to Showdown. Does this mean there are several new modes that we are yet to know the name of?


BIG PAPI: A new wave of legends are hitting MLB The Show 20

A sizeable aspect of the trailer was the reveal of a few of the Legends we can expect to see in the new wave of greats entering the game.

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Throughout the trailer we saw legends taking the field. John Franco, Mariano Rivera, Shane Victorino, David Ortiz, Gary Sheffield and Ken Griffey Jr. all made appearances.

Like Showdown, we will be getting a lot more information about the new legends come March 7 when the developers break down everything we need to know about the new legends coming to MLB The Show 20.

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Unfortunately, other than Showdown and new legends we didn’t get much information that relates to DD from the trailer. Obviously the gameplay will impact DD, so it is worth noting that more challenging fielding will make fielding ratings even more important for your DD team.

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