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Minecraft Dungeons Evoker Boss: Guide, Tactics, Strategy, Best Weapons and more

We know about the story, best weapons, endgame, and everything in between, but let's take a look at one of the most unique features about the title - which are Minecraft Dungeons bosses.

What dungeon crawler inspired game would be complete without a menacing and challenging bosses!

Keep reading to find out about how to best deal with these foes, and complete your quest against the evil Arch-Illiger!

Minecraft Dungeons Bosses

There are several bosses in Minecraft Dungeons for players to set their wits against.

But if you were planning on going in all swords blazing, you should think again.

There are tactics and strategies that work best to defeat these encounters.


The Evoker

The Minecraft Dungeons bosses start with the Evoker. A tough challenge early in the game with a difficult attack pattern to deal with.

Let's take a look at some of its attacks.


With 'pincer' attacks that come up from the ground and deal a devastating amount of damage, you'll want to be on high alert.

The attacks either come direct, or encircle the evoker. The latter is used as more of defensive move if you're giving them to much of a hard time. The former is when you're in range.

The other attack is to send some flying minions your way. These minions will swarm you and make it easier for the Evoker's attacks to land.

Best Tactics

The best tactic with the Evoker is to first and foremost, stay out of range! With such a deadly attack you need all the time you can get to predict it.


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Unleash your arrows, as this Minecraft Dungeons Boss can give a lot more than it can take!

Make sure to manage the swarm attacks. These enemies are designed to draw too much attention away from the Evoker - exactly what it wants to deliver a killing blow.

Best Weapons

As mentioned, the best tool for the job in this case would be the bow.

Going toe-to-toe with the Evoker is likely to get you sent to the canvas, so take your time and wear it down.

If you can get your hands on it, we'd recommend going for the Guardian Bow. Its charged shots are perfect to inflict maximum damage on the Evoker, without getting too close.

minecraft dungeons bosses
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A TRUSTY FRIEND: The Guardian Bow is reliable


There’s also a Red Snake bow, that has a chance to explode arrows on impact. Again, useful for causing damage, if you can get a shot through the swarm that is.

For everything Minecraft Dungeons and more, be sure to check back in with us.

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