Minecraft Dungeons: How to enchant your weapons and armour - Tutorial on upgrading your gear, the best weapons and more!

Minecraft is one of the most influential video games in history.

The series is changing gaming once again by shaking things up with Minecraft Dungeons.

One of the key features of Minecraft Dungeons is enchanting, which can help you along finding the class you want to play in this intense dungeon crawler.

Let's go over how to enchant your gear, and what gear is best in Minecraft Dungeons.

How to use enchantment points and upgrade your gear!

The bread and butter of progression in Minecraft Dungeons are your enchantment points.

Kill mobs, complete levels, conquer questlines and you level up - this will provide you with enchantment points which you can spend on upgrading not just your weapons but also your armour.

This is where the fun begins.

Minecraft Dungeons gives you free rein on customisation of your gear! Here's how you do it.

  • Level up by completing quests, killing mobs, replaying levels and generally progressing through the game
  • Bring up your inventory screen - you should be prompted when you level up and gain enchantment points
  • Select the 'swag' you want to upgrade from everything you have collected on your travels and press 'Y' or 'Triangle' on your controller to view the enchantment options
  • Select the enchantment and press 'A' or 'X'. This will spend the points and add the enchantment to the piece of equipment!

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ENCHANT - Check every time you level up to see what enchantments you can add to your armour!

There are a countless number of upgrades for your weapons and armour! That's the beauty of Minecraft Dungeons - it allows you to build a class that suits you - so don't settle for the first enchantment you see and spend those points wisely!

The best weapons in Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons will feature an entire system of unique and rare weapons, all with different stats and effects. But some weapons stand out from the pack as the most powerful of them all.

The Guardian Bow

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FROM DOWNTOWN- The Guardian Bow gives plenty of ranged firepower

The Guardian Bow presents all the long-ranged power anyone could ask for with super charged shots that can deal up to 90 damage with a single pull.


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MASSIVE DAMAGE- The Firebrand axe deals a heavy blow and burns mobs

If you're looking to do huge damage to single targets and groups in Minecraft Dungeons, look no further than the Firebrand axe.

With 122 max damage, a spin attack, and a burning on-hit effect, this axe does everything you could ask for as a warrior.

Nightmare's Bite

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DON'T BLINK- Nightmare's Bite is one of the fastest weapons in the game

For players looking to try out a rogue in Minecraft Dungeons, look no further than Nightmare's Bite. These blades deal great damage for duel wielding, spawning poisonous clouds around mobs you hit.

These are perfect for dealing with large groups of small mobs, and just as potent hitting a boss over and over.

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