Madden 22 Sliders: Realistic Options for Gameplay, Penalties, Franchise

Madden 22 remains the current top option for a football simulation experience, but a few tweaks can get it even closer.

With a plethora of settings and options available, our Madden 22 sliders will help you get closer to a realistic NFL experience.

Latest - Final Franchise Mode Update

After plenty of promises about further additions to Franchise Mode after launch, EA dropped the final Franchise update just last month.

In the April Title Update, which was Madden 22 Update 2.08, Patch Notes revealed a new group of scenarios added to Franchise.

With the exception of the scouting system upgrade, the mode remains relatively unchanged in overall experience since Madden 22 first arrived.

Madden 22 Sliders: How to Adjust Settings

You'll only be able to make the majority of settings and sliders adjustments on the main menu of Madden 22 when you're completely backed out of any particular game mode.

Move to the far right and select the gear icon, which will bring up a series settings and options you can adjust to get the kind of experience you want out of Madden 22.

Madden 22 sliders settings options game
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MAIN MENU: Get that little gear icon highlighted in yellow on the right

While the default settings are perfectly usable, and some players may prefer and feel that it creates a more fun gameplay experience, others prefer something that feels a little more grounded.

None of these are hard and fast rules, so feel free to adjust where it feels right for you, and these may change following the first few updates if things get adjusted in the game, but the settings we've outlined here are a great starting point for a realistic experience.

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Game Options for a Realistic NFL Experience

The primary thing you'll want to adjust is Clock Management, which is very much a condensed experience with the default settings for Madden 22.

Use the following clock management settings under Game Options:

  • Quarter Length: 10 Minutes
  • Play Clock: On
  • Accelerated Clock: Off
  • Minimum Play Clock Time: 20 Seconds

Most of the other settings in Game Options are down to personal preference, but at the bottom you should notice Injuries, Fatigue, and Player Speed Parity Scale.

These three sliders can all have a definite impact, but the default settings are actually a great starting point, so you don't need to adjust these.

Realistic Penalties Sliders

As much fun as it is not to worry about penalties, real-world NFL players aren't nearly as disciplined as their Madden 22 counterparts default to being.

Use the following sliders for Penalties:

  • Offside: 80
  • False Start: 60
  • Offensive Holding: 70
  • Facemask: 40
  • Illegal Block in the Back: 70
  • Roughing the Passer: 40
  • Defensive Pass Interference: 60

Below the sliders you'll also notice several with on/off settings, and you want all these set to "ON" for a realistic experience.

Realistic Player & CPU Skill Sliders

This is the biggest area in need of adjustment, and there are several different sliders you'll need to tweak for a proper NFL experience in Madden 22.

First, let's look at the Player Skill sliders you'll need to use:

  • QB Accuracy: 35
  • Pass Blocking: 15
  • WR Catching: 55
  • Run Blocking: 40
  • Fumbles: 77
  • Reaction Time: 70
  • Interceptions: 15
  • Pass Coverage: 60
  • Tackling: 55
  • FG Power: 30
  • FG Accuracy: 25
  • Punt Power: 50
  • Punt Accuracy: 40
  • Kickoff Power: 30

Now, after that you'll want to use these CPU Skill sliders:

  • QB Accuracy: 10
  • Pass Blocking: 35
  • WR Catching: 45
  • Run Blocking: 70
  • Fumbles: 65
  • Reaction Time: 70
  • Interceptions: 60
  • Pass Coverage: 60
  • Tackling: 55
  • FG Power: 50
  • FG Accuracy: 35
  • Punt Power: 50
  • Punt Accuracy: 70
  • Kickoff Power: 30

Again, keep in mind that if any of these don't feel right when you're playing, don't hesitate to pop back in and make slight adjustments until it's right for you.

Franchise Mode League Settings & XP Sliders

You'll also have a series of settings in Franchise Mode, some of which are set at league creation but mostly should be adjustable even after you've begun.

The biggest factor in how you do your Franchise Mode settings is exactly how much control you want to have and how much you want the CPU to handle for you.

Madden 22 Madden 22 sliders settings options game franchise mode
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MR. COMMISSIONER: Be the commish and set the rules for your league

If you want absolute control, set everything to Manual and turn off every assist you can find in settings when creating your Franchise.

While most players are best off leaving XP Sliders alone, you can adjust the rate at which XP is earned for each individual position and it will apply across the entire league.

If you're not a fan of the rate at which you're earning Staff Points to spend in Staff Management, your first step should be adjusting the talent cost modifier in League Settings.

The following league settings are a good starting point for a realistic Franchise experience in Madden 22, and any options not noted here can be left with their default settings:

  • Skill Level: All-Pro
  • Game Style: Simulation
  • League Type: All
  • Instant Starter: Off
  • Trade Deadline: On
  • Trade Type: Enable All
  • Coach Firing: On
  • Salary Cap: On
  • Relocation Settings: Everyone (Can Relocate)
  • Injury: On
  • Pre Existing Injury: Off
  • Practice Squad Stealing: On
  • Career Clock: On
  • Progressive Fatigue: On
  • Practice Injury: On
  • Full On-Field Control: On
  • Quarter Length: 10 Minutes
  • Accelerated Clock: Off
  • Minimum Play Clock Time: 20 Seconds

Using these settings gives you a great starting point in Franchise Mode, but make adjustments where you feel necessary.

Some of these best settings are likely to change a bit in the coming months as updates change tendencies in the game, but this gives you a starting point to try and feel that NFL experience with realistic Madden 22 sliders.

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