Madden 25 Reveal Trailer Date Announced & New Features Unveiled!

Madden 25 Cover Athlete Christian McCaffrey

Madden 25 Cover Athlete Christian McCaffrey

The date of the Madden 25 reveal trailer has finally been announced, and it's much closer than expected. This trailer will give fans a chance to take a first look at the game and learn a little more about the new features it's going to introduce.

Madden 25 already revealed some of the features the reveal trailer will touch on, and fans can't wait to learn more about them.

Madden 25 Reveal Trailer Date Announced

As mentioned above, the Madden 25 reveal trailer date has been unveiled, and we now know players will be able to take their first look at the game on Tuesday 18 June.

Madden 25 Reveal Trailer Footage
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Credit: EA Sports

This is just the first trailer of Madden 25, and we expect a gameplay deep dive video to be released in the near future, which we expect will have a very detailed approach to all the new features and adjustments coming to the game.

New Madden 25 Features Revealed!

The Madden 25 reveal trailer still isn't out, but EA Sports was kind enough to share information about some of the things we will see in it.

Players will be able to take a look at the BOOM Tech feature, which is a new physics system that delivers more realistic impacts in 1-on-1 situations with the ball carrier, by calculating the players' ratings and skill-based timing.

It was also revealed that we will have new ball-carrier animations and that due to the BOOM Tech feature, the ball-carrier feature will be much more realistic this year.

Madden 25 Franchise Mode Revamp News
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Credit: EA Sports

As usual new passing, catching, blocking, and coverages will also be introduced, as well as updated Special teams playbooks, and audibles.

Two new commentary teams are also coming to the game, with Mike Tirico and Greg Olsen, as well as Kate Scoot and Brock Huard, making their commentary booth debut in the Madden franchise.

Last but not least, the Franchise mode is finally getting revamped, with a new HUB, storylines, and many other tools, that according to EA Sports will make the mode more immersive, and realistic, than ever.

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