Madden 22: Post-launch updates on the way, Scouting Update release date in question

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The Madden 22 release date has come and gone but there's still updates that need to be monitored and delivered to you!

We're hoping that we'll finally get a Scouting update to Franchise Mode, but players aren't optimistic that it'll be coming soon.

Keep reading for all the latest news on Madden 22 - including its release date, Franchise Mode Early Access, EA Play Trial, ratings, MUT 22, Scouting updates, and more!

UPDATED - Is the Scouting Update coming soon?

We've had to do some digging, but we found that EA stated the Scouting update to Franchise Mode in Madden 22 would be coming in September.

Unfortunately, we're halfway through September and still haven't received an update. Hopefully, that will change soon, but the lack of news says otherwise.

The Staff Management tab in Madden 22
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STAFF MANAGEMENT: The Scouting Update should make all facets of Franchise Mode run smoother

The September Title Update didn't have a Scouting update involved in it so perhaps the update is going to be delayed.

For our deep dive into why the Scouting update could be delayed, head here to read more.

Madden 22 Release Date

The Madden 22 release date has come and gone and is now available on all platforms.

The game launched on August 20, 2021!

Madden 22 release date reveal trailer EA
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SUMMER SHOWTIME: Madden 22 has an official release date, and will be the highlight of Summer

Last year saw a delayed release on next gen, with Madden 21 not landing on PS5 or Xbox Series X|S until several months after the main game launched. That wasn't the case this year, as all editions and platforms were released on the same day.

Those who pre ordered special editions of Madden 22 got early access which began on August 17. With an EA Play subscription, players can also get 10 additional hours of early access starting on August 12 via the trial.

The first Madden 22 Trailer

EA first showed off this year's game with the Madden 22 reveal trailer, and with plenty of gameplay clips, you can see it in action now!

The exciting first look showed actual gameplay footage of Madden 22, and we got a look a this year's cover athletes in action.

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