Madden 22 Best Playbooks: Top Offensive & Defensive Playbook picks

Madden 22 Best Playbooks are always up for debate, but a few tried and true stalwarts emerge each year.

With any changes since launch in mind, here's everything you need to know about the Best Madden 22 Playbooks.

Latest - Madden 23 Playbooks

While the full game isn't available yet, the closed Madden 23 beta has already given us a look at how the playbooks are changing this year.

Some of the favorites from Madden 22 remain, but there were some clear changes to available plays for several playbooks.

We've got more details here on early favorites for the best Madden 23 playbooks.

Madden 22: Best Playbooks

With 32 different NFL teams to choose from, not to mention a handful of alternate playbooks, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which scheme is right for you in Madden 22.

Madden 22 giants field stadium playbook metlife
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ALL PART OF THE PLAN: You wanna be ready before you even hit the field

Every year a few select playbooks stand out as the best options on offense or defense, but ultimately you'll have to find the one that best fits your playstyle and the strengths and weaknesses of your own team.

Here, we're gonna look at the top options on each side of the ball that can get you started on the path to success whether you're in Franchise Mode, MUT 22, or competing Online.

We've also got more here from MCS Champion Skimbo as he outlined some of his top playbooks in Madden 22.

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Offensive Playbooks

We'll start on the offensive side of the ball, and there are more options here because there are so many different ways to operate your offense in Madden 22.

Just the kind of quarterback you have can drastically influence the way you need to play, so we've got four different options here with their own key strengths.

Best Running Playbook - Las Vegas Raiders

For many, the Las Vegas Raiders undeniably had the best offensive playbook in both Madden 20 and Madden 21.

That definitely continues to some extent this year, especially for a running team, but it takes a hit because it lost the Trips TE formation.

Madden 22 playbooks rushing running alternate raiders las vegas
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POUND THE ROCK: Beat your opponent with the ground game

Despite that loss, the mix of Singleback, I Form, and both Strong and Weak formations all come together to make this playbook a runner's paradise.

Best Passing Playbook - Seattle Seahawks

If you're keeping your offense in the air rather than on the ground, the go-to is definitely the Seattle Seahawks playbook.

While it has a little I Form, Strong, and Pistol, the strength in this playbook isn't being under center but rather being in Shotgun.

Madden 22 playbooks seahawks
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SHOTGUN: You'll lean on the Shotgun formation with the Seahawks playbook

With formations like Trips TE Offset and some of the top Gun Bunch plays available, including Gun Bunch and Bunch TE in the same playbook, this is a must-have scheme that you'll see plenty of online.

Best Rushing QB Playbook - Baltimore Ravens

While far from the norm, there's no denying that it can be a lot of fun playing a mobile quarterback that stays a rushing threat throughout the game.

The best option for that this year is definitely the Baltimore Ravens (thanks Lamar Jackson), and it's got a really unique mix of plays.

Madden 22 playbooks ravens
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KEEP EM GUESSING: Use the Ravens playbook to make your QB a major scrambling threat

It may not be everyone's favorite, but with lots of Pistol and Shotgun options, this is what your dangerous scrambling QB needs to shine.

Best Balanced Playbook - New England Patriots

Last but certainly not least, one of the best playbooks each year returns as the New England Patriots have a slightly different look this year.

Madden 22 playbooks patriots
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QB POWER: Beware the power of a two-pronged attack

You can thank Cam Newton for that, because they've added lots of quarterback run options to shake things up.

While it lost Splits Close, the playbook still has Y Off Trips Pats, Trips TE with a QB Power play, which is really dangerous if you have a balanced quarterback that can both run and pass.

Defensive Playbooks

There aren't quite as many choices on the defensive side of the ball, which is partly down to the fact that defense is really made by minor adjustments during a game.

While we won't get into detail about it here, mastering strategic substitutions and pre-play audibles are really where some of the best defensive Madden players make their team shine. But to get a nice start with your Madden 22 defensive playbook, here are some great options!

Best Overall - Alternate 46

The king remains on top, as the Alternate 46 was arguably the top defensive playbook last year for many players and keeps that place once again.

Madden 22 playbooks alternate 46 defense
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THE ALTERNATE: You can sub in Alternate 46 for your favorite team

With a versatile grouping of plays that includes options like 46 Normal, 3-4 Bear, Nickel Normal, 3-3-5, Dollar 3-2-6, and the absolute must-have Big Nickel Over G, it's got pretty much everything you need.

Alternate 46 is frequently the most popular and most commonly used defensive playbook for the most competitive Madden players, and you can join those ranks if you really master it.

Best Non-Alternate Defensive Playbook - New York Giants/Miami Dolphins

If you'd rather not use an Alternate Playbook for any reason, the best defensive choice will be the New York Giants or Miami Dolphins.

They're only here together because they have 100% identical defensive playbooks, but that should just show the strength of the plays as two different teams with reliably good defenses lean on it.

Madden 22 playbooks defense dolphins
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BIG NICKEL OVER G: This is the must-have formation for top defenses

There are some good 3-4 options, even some 6-1 options, as well as great 3-3-5 plays and Nickel 2-4-5, and it of course has to have Big Nickel Over G as well.

It's worth giving an honorable mention to the Carolina Panthers, Baltimore Ravens, and Multiple D playbooks, which are also potentially great options on the defensive side of the ball.

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