Madden 22: Full Trophies and Achievements Guide

Madden 22 , and right from the beginning with the EA Play Trial, you likely started racking up trophies or achievements.

We're getting a new mode to Madden 22 where you'll be able to play with some of the best college athletes ever.

Whether you're on Xbox trying to boost your Gamerscore or just showing off your collection on PS4 or PS5, here's everything you need to know about each Madden 22 trophy and achievement.

LATEST - Campus Legends bring the NCAA vibe!

It looks like EA wants to find a filler to satisfy players until EA Sports College Football 24 releases. They're doing this by introducing the Campus Legends Mode in Madden 22!

To be clear, all of this takes place within Superstar KO and you won't be able to play with all the college teams there are. Still, it gives players a taste of the college football game to be released in the future.

Unfortunately, this feature won't be available for very long so you'll need to try it out while it's still available. Head here to read more on Campus Legends and all the teams available!

Campus Legends is leaving Superstar KO and Madden 22 on September 27, 2021.

Madden 22 Trophies & Achievements Guide

Madden 22 is packed with different game modes and various ways to play, and you'll have to spread the love in order to get all of the trophies and achievements this year.

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GORGEOUS: You can't say it isn't pretty on next gen

We've got a full list here of achievements and trophies in Madden 22, but it's worth noting these were taken from the Xbox version of the game.

They should be identical on PS4 and PS5, but will have a trophy tier (Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc) instead of a Gamerscore (represented as 40G, etc), and PlayStation users will have an additional Platinum Trophy from unlocking all other trophies.

  • Already in Progress (40G): Create a league from a Play Now Live game.
  • Primetime (40G): Gain over 50 total yards while using Celebration Loco over the course of a single game.
  • Unblockable (40G): On 3 plays create a sack or tackle for loss after a pass rush move win, using a different rush move
  • Throwin' Dots (40G): Throw a Passing TD using the low throw mechanic.
  • Lockdown Corner (40G): Win 3 presses in a single game with the same CB.
  • Change of Scenery (40G): Relocate a team.
  • Roster Reshuffle (40G): Complete a fantasy draft.
  • Pro Bowler (40G): Participate in the Pro Bowl during a Franchise season.
  • Head-to-Head (40G): Win a Head To Head game in an online league.
  • Bragging Rights (75G): Win the Super Bowl in an online league.
  • Future of the Franchise (75G): Reveal a rookie's X-Factor potential.
  • Stud Finder (40G): Draft a rookie with a Hidden Dev Trait.
  • Big Spender (40G): Win a free agent bidding war for a 90+ OVR player.
  • Dealmaker (40G): Re-sign a 90+ OVR player.
  • MVP (75G): Win MVP with one of your players.
  • ROTY (125G): Win Rookie of the Year with one of your players.
  • Momentum Stealer (75G): User has accomplished the biggest momentum swing possible
  • Saw It Coming (75G): User uses a Tendency Counter on a play that results in a turnover
  • Under Control (20G): User preforms new Control Juke and Spin on a scoring play

If you haven't already placed a pre order for Madden 22, there's still time to get yours in and snag a bunch of major extra goodies when the non-trial version is launched.

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