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Trailer provides first look at Madden 22 gameplay

Madden 22 is official, and gameplay is going to get a flurry of upgrades this year.

With a first look via the Madden 22 gameplay trailer now here, here's everything we know so far about what to expect when this year's game is released.

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Latest News - Face of the Franchise trailer released

In addition to the first details that were revealed about Madden 22, we've now started to get All-Access videos taking a closer look at what we can expect this year.

The latest All-Access video was a new trailer for Face of the Franchise, and this is the first in-depth look we've seen at how the single-player career mode will feel in Madden 22.

You can find more details here on what we expect this year from Face of the Franchise: United We Rise.

Madden 22 Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Madden 22 is finally official, and that reveal has come with this year's first gameplay trailer!


This is our first look at how Madden 22 will actually play, and the graphics look better than ever.

On top of that, we get some glimpses of the upgraded tackling system which we'll have more details on below.

Core Gameplay New Features


One of the biggest changes we're going to see this year is an upgrade to the physics and the way core gameplay actually happens.

Tackling has seen a major improvement, with upgraded physics to better take into account the height and weight of each player.

We learned in the preview for Madden 22 that players should have a tackle animation that fits the size differential between the player tackling and the player being tackled.

Madden 22 core gameplay
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FEEL THE PAIN: Tackling should be better than ever in Madden 22

There are also improvements and upgrades to the catching system, especially when it comes to toe touch detection.


That should make passing all the more exciting, as those dynamic and spectacular catches will look even better in Madden 22.

Dynamic Gameday will also be a next gen exclusive feature that takes the crowd and environment and factors them in like never before.

We should know even more soon, and some of that information may come through the Madden 22 Community Playtest or Beta.

Community Playtest (Beta)

Along with the reveal today came news that Madden 22 will have a Community Playtest which will operate as a closed beta for the upcoming title.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to sign up for it. It appears they've already reached out to people for the beta, and there is no open registration.

However, there is still a chance to get involved, as they've noted to follow their Twitter for special giveaways that could include a code to be a part of the beta.

Those who do get access will be able to try out Play Now, the new and improved Franchise Mode, some parts of Madden Ultimate Team, Superstar KO, and The Yard.

The biggest benefit of those who do get to play will just be experiencing the upgrade core gameplay in these various modes, and they'll be able to provide crucial feedback to EA Sports so they can keep fine tuning things ahead of launch.


Madden 22 Game Modes

With new features coming to several different areas, there's a lot to take in when it comes to what's coming in Madden 22.

Let's take a closer look at each game mode and what's going to be new this year.

Franchise Mode

Nothing in Madden 22 appears to be getting more attention when it comes to improvements this year than Franchise Mode.

While there will definitely be fans left wanting more, and some of that should arrive in live service updates after the release of Madden 22, there are some exciting features coming at launch as well.

Madden 22 gameplay trailer franchise mode
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GO ALL THE WAY: Carry your team to the Super Bowl in the new Franchise Mode

Staff Management gets an all new system along with an RPG style talent tree, and weekly strategy will challenge players in unique ways.


MUT 22: Madden Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team is probably the game mode we know the least about so far, but we do know that it's returning in Madden 22.

New halftime adjustments will let you shift your gameplan based on how the game has gone, including changing up Superstar X-Factors to counter your opponent.

We should learn more about Ultimate Team in the coming weeks, including what kinds of events or promos will get things started at launch.

Face of the Franchise: United We Rise

Face of the Franchise is returning, and this year it'll be called "United We Rise" with an all new story and campaign that integrates with The Yard.

Madden 22 Face of the Franchise gameplay trailer
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UNITED WE RISE: Face of the Franchise gets an all new story this year

Players will also be able to play as a linebacker for the very first time, as well as having the option to choose quarterback, running back, or wide receiver.


The Yard

The backyard inspired game mode will make a return, and The Yard will have a new challenge-based solo campaign this year.

It'll include a ranked mode for competitive play, new locations, new boss battles, and unified progression between The Yard and Face of the Franchise.

Superstar KO

We'll also see the return of Superstar KO in Madden 22, and there will be a co-op eliminator mode.

These quick games with house rules and iconic players will crank things up once again to give players a different way to experience Madden.

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