Madden 21: FIFA's Career Mode innovations show EA can #FixMaddenFranchise

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#FixFranchiseMode and #FixMaddenFranchise have rocked gaming Twitter.

But EA Sports are used to it now.

They have dealt with a similar reaction to the career mode in FIFA and have responded with changes for the eagerly anticipated FIFA 21.

Surely this means they can apply this focus to Madden?

The #FixMaddenFranchise Movement

The hashtags #FixFranchiseMode and #FixMaddenFranchise immediately took off following a Gridiron Notes that focused in on Face of the Franchise and gave just a few lines to changes in Franchise Mode.

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Fans have been calling this out for years, with the continual focus on the more lucrative MUT side of the game.

Due to the policy of streamlining Franchise mode, there is actually less functionality and depth than in versions of Madden from over a decade ago.

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YOUR MOVE EA: It was nice to have the issue discussed, but now what?

EA Sports responded to the hashtags with a heartfelt video message, but with the release date only weeks away, fans will have to be realistic about what can be done.

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That said, another game in the EA Sports family has given fans hope. FIFA has had a similar journey and the developers have responded by making some sweeping changes to keep fans appeased.

What can they learn from FIFA 21?

The changes to FIFA 21 career mode are simple but exciting. This is exactly what Madden fans are crying out for.

The headline change which will grab the attention of Madden players is the revamped growth system. Players can dynamically learn and adjust to other positions through playing time.

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SYNERGY: The new FIFA sim method is actually already in Madden

You can “monitor player attribute changes during training to see how your squad is progressing” - simple but effective at making a career mode far deeper.

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Another key feature is the ability to sign players in new ways. The NFL works a bit differently, but the addition of the ability to loan-to-buy or defer some payments is part of another level of detail.

Madden could easily implement a better trading system like that seen in NBA 2k, and add better depth of options to the contract side of the game.

When will Madden fans see change?

We can all live in hope that with these changes to FIFA 21, EA Sports begin thinking about Madden.

The video they published in response to the critcism certainly felt geniuine.

Their biggest problem is timing. By this point, a few weeks before launch, the game is all but made.

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We fully expect some kind of mid-season update which will deliver some things for Franchise players to try and keep them happy. Much like the introduction of the 5th-year option on contracts in Madden 20.

The real test is what they could update mid-year that will apply to existing franchises. Many franchise players get their games going after a few weeks of launch.

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ACTION JACKSON: The reigning MVP is on the cover of this years Madden

They won't want to have to restart their saves to take advantage of any new developments.

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Lets see what you've got EA. Hopefully in your corporate offices there is lots of talk about 'lessons learned', 'synergies' and 'cross pollination'.

Time to put #FixMaddenFranchise to bed.

When does Madden 21 land?

We now have a confirmed release date for Madden 21.

Circle 28 August in your calendar. Though you can play from 25 August with early access.

Lamar Jackson was the breakout star of last season and named MVP. He was the early frontrunner for the Madden 21 cover and EA did not disappoint.

The Madden 21 gameplay trailer is available here. There are three editions of Madden 21 available.

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