Madden 21 Ratings: 5 OVERRATED players in EAs new NFL game

The Madden 21 ratings are finally here.

As ever, they have sparked plenty of debate.

There are several players that are definitely overrated for their on-field production. Let's look at who the worst offenders are.

Most Overrated Players in Madden 21

It is important to understand the evolving nature of Madden ratings.

For the last couple of years, EA Sports have been trying to reduce the average rating. But with this sudden change, many players and fans are struggling to adjust.

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Kyler Murray was one of the first big names to make his displeasure known.

But sometimes, the opposite happens. Players get hyped and come in with a rating that makes everyone question how they have managed it.

So who are the players that might be questioning how they have done so well?

Drew Brees (QB, 93 OVR)

As one of the greatest players in NFL history, this might be a strange selection. But that's what defines overrated.

Brees is 41 years old heading into this season and whilst he had a good 2019 season, he missed some time due to injury.

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GOAT?: Brees is one of the best of all time - but he is 41 years old

With question marks over declining arm strength, I can't see why he should be so high into the 90s and above the likes of Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers by multiple points.

Deandre Hopkins (WR, 98 OVR)

Another bold selection, but wait a second.

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Hopkins was in the 99 Club for Madden 20 and has only dropped a point despite what was simply a good season. Yes, he had over 1,100 receiving yards and 7 TDs.

But being 98 rated should be reserved for players that light up the whole league. Players like Julio Jones will have a right to question why they are behind Hopkins.

JJ Watt (LE, 98 OVR)

Another future Hall of Fame player, JJ Watt has been a hero for the city of Houston.

A three-time Defensive Player of the Year, there was a time when he was unplayable and would absolutely deserve a rating of this caliber.

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CHAMPION: Watt has had an unbelievable career

But in 2019, Watt played half a season and had 4 sacks.

He could come back to 2020 fit and healthy and continue to be a dominant force, but if we were the Madden Ratings Adjusters we would approach it from a lower rating and let him prove us wrong.

Jalen Ramsey (CB, 94 OVR)

Ramsey is only 25 years old but already has a fearsome reputation in the NFL as a shutdown corner.

But that's an out of date label. Ramsey is a top-level CB in the NFL, no doubt. But a disrupted 2019 season, with only one interception and six pass deflections isn't a 94 OVR player.

Rob Gronkowski (TE, 95 OVR)

This doesn't fit the enjoyable narrative of the 2020 Tampa Bay team.

Everyone is excited to see Tom Brady back throwing to the Gronk. The three-time Super Bowl Champion, Gronkowski is likely to join the Hall of Fame at some point.

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But to not play for a season due to retirement, and then walk back into the NFL with a 95 rating is an insult to all the other players grinding at the position.

When does Madden 21 land?

We now have a confirmed release date for Madden 21.

Circle 28 August in your calendar. Though you can play from 25 August with early access.

Lamar Jackson was the breakout star of last season and named MVP. He was the early frontrunner for the Madden 21 cover and EA did not disappoint.

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The Madden 21 gameplay trailer is available here. There are three editions of Madden 21 available.

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