Madden 21 Release Date: Review, Early Access, Editions, news, first impressions & more

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The NFL is soon to return, and just in time for Madden 21!

Those who have pre-ordered the Deluxe and MVP Editions of the game can even hop on the gridiron now!

Here's everything you need to know about the game.

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Madden 21 Release Date

It's official, Madden 21 will arrive on 28 August!

It's a little later than expected but given the COVID-19 lockdown this delaay isn't a surprise.

The game will drop on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

But you don't have to wait until 28 August to play...

Early Access now available

If you ran out of EA Play trial hours you're in luck. The Deluxe and MVP Editions of Madden 21 have unlocked! For those that pre-ordered these editions, that means early access is live!

You can see our first impressions of Madden 21 here.

With the early access comes Update 1.03 that fixes a few things to make the game better for everyone.


The Standard Edition is available on 28 August, but if you want to pay a bit more you can get those three days of early access.

madden 21 mvp edition pre order bonus
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DA TRUE MVP: There's a lot here for MUT players so get your pre-order in!

For £70/$75 you can get the Deluxe Edition, and for £90/$100 you get the MVP Edition.

Along with this Early Access, the Deluxe and MVP Editions also come with different reward packages for pre-ordering.

Both will unlock on 25 August, and both come with some Ultimate Team bonuses.

EA Play trial date

EA's new subscription service - EA Play - will still have a 10-hour trial for members.

That will kick off from 21 August. A few Xbox users are reporting a trial option already showing in the Xbox Store, but we cannot verify these rumors.

This is still available if you want to try the game for yourself before buying.

The Yard revealed

EA has finally given fans a look at The Yard.

The latest game mode is all about creativity, improvisation, and domination. In 6v6 backyard football games you can create and develop an avatar into a true world beater.


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This will come in the form of a developer breakdown via Gridiron Notes, and we could even see a MUT trailer in the style of the FUT 21 Trailer EA just released!

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