Madden 21 Editions: Standard, Deluxe, MVP, bonus content, early access, MUT packs, & more

There are plenty of choices when it comes to EA’s latest NFL game – which one will you pre-order?

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madden 21 editions

Madden 21 has officially been launched at long last.

The gameplay trailer dropped a lot of info, but it also revealed the MVP Edition!


Madden 21 release date

After a few leaks and a lot of speculation, EA has announced the release date for Madden 21 of 28 August.

That’s a nice place to start, but if you want to play it a bit earlier you can, with the higher editions.

Madden 21 Standard Edition

Coming in at £55/$60, the standard edition is what you’d expect – just the game.

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There are some pre-order extras so if you want to get a head start on your Ultimate Team journey then pre-order here!

Madden 21 Deluxe Edition

Next up is the Deluxe Edition. This is a bit pricier at £70/$75.

Madden 21 deluxe edition pre order

This edition will come with three days early access and whole heap of MUT rewards if you pre-order.


MVP Edition

This is where the real extras are.

madden 21 mvp edition pre order bonus

If you pre-order this bad boy you’ll get 17 MUT Gold Team Fantasy Packs, a Lamar Jackson Elite Item and Power Up, some extra uniforms, and the early access!

It will set you back £80/$90 thought.

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