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EA's football dynasty's next step up is Madden 21, and we are just a few days out from launch.

We've gotten plenty of reveals to learn from so far, but we're expecting even more before release day.

Here are all the trailers so far, and what you should know about the game.

Latest News - Madden 21 Trial Live NOW!

You can access Madden 21 now if you're a member of EA Play!

You can read our first impressions of the 10-hour trial here.

The Yard trailer

The latest trailer for Madden 21 is all about The Yard.

The new backyard football mode promises trick plays, highlight-reel catches, and tons of unique content.


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Madden 21 on next-gen trailer

Madden 21 made waves by releasing a ton of important info all at once on things like abilities, game modes, and even the release date.


There has also been an all new trailer released for the game covering its next gen leap, which premiered during EA Play 2020.

Madden 21 Announcement Trailer

Companies always have to contend with leaks, and EA is no different.

The trailer for Madden 21 arrived a little early and is full of gameplay tweaks.


X-Factor and Superstar Abilities revealed

This week EA revealed the X-Factor Abilities that will be coming to Madden 21, and also new Superstar Abilities.

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TRUZZ: Lamar could reach 04 Vick levels of unstoppable this year

You can read over the development process behind the new additions and changes in the most recent Gridiron Notes!

All-new skill stick controls

It looks like EA is trying to create a skill gap when it comes to running with the ball in hand, be that on a hand-off, after the catch, or scrambling.

A lot of the shots featured running backs dodging tacklers, which is only going to encourage the run-heavy competitive scene to keep pounding the rock and working on their skill stick prowess.

New pass rush control

On defense there is an emphasis on user pass rush. This is not something players normally control.

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QB KILLER: New pass rush controls could make Aaron Donald even more dominant

It looks like a skill stick for pass rush will be implemented, which could convince some players to come down to the line of scrimmage and rush rather than drop into coverage.

Realistic tackling

We are also promised more realistic tackling and "clutch stops".

This may help negate some of the impact of the enhanced ball carrier controls. We'll have to wait until we can get our hands on it to really find out though.

User-controlled celebrations

Players will have more options for celebrations than before as we are promised "user-controlled" ones. The trailer includes JuJu Smith-Schuster doing the robot. Which is nice.

MVP Edition

Finally, it confirmed the MVP Edition.

What will be in it isn't clear, but these editions usually bring three days early access as well as some perks to kick your Ultimate Team off.

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