Madden 21 Franchise: 5 players you should trade for as soon as you start the game!

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Madden 21 will be here in just two weeks.

EA have given us a roadmap of progress that will build the franchise mode up, but whilst we wait there are plenty who will get stuck into a new team.

These are the players who should be on your radar to pick up.

Fastest MLB you can get

If you read which players to trade away, this will seem obvious.

User MLBs are the staple of a good Madden defense. Historically, you could cover multiple routes, although developers are looking to reduce the effectiveness of this with new gameplay.

This might change things a little bit but its not going to stop speed being one of the most important stats on Madden.

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You can get some great speed linebackers with low OVR. This makes them cheap to trade for and sign, but some of their lower stats are irrelevant when you're controlling them.

Prime candidates: Devin White (Bucs, 78 OVR), Devin Bush (Steelers, 76 OVR), Noah Dawkins (Buccs, 60 OVR)

CB, FS, SS with high change of direction

With the addition of a new stat in Madden 21, Change of direction (COD), comes a new type of player to look for.

gilmore madden 20
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ON A DIME: Gilmore has 95 rating for COD

With speed vital to coverage, it looks like for Madden 21 change of direction and agility will play a huge role.

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Look for players in the secondary that are going to be able to keep up with agile WR's and follow each cut.

Prime candidates: Avonte Maddox (Eagles, 78 OVR), Grant Haley (Giants, 71 OVR), Denzel Ward (Browns, 86 OVR)

Fast WR with good short route running

With the new pass-rush game mechanics, you will need to get the ball out quickly.

Short routes are vital to keep an offense ticking, and combined with speed it can be deadly with yards after catch.

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Drag, hitch and out routes with a fast, agile WR can make the crucial 2nd and 3rd downs and bring versatility across the field of play to make the defender think.

Prime candidates: Julio Jones (Falcons, 97 OVR), Tyreek Hill (Chiefs, 96 OVR), Marquise Goodwin (Eagles, 78 OVR)

Any good OL

In Madden these are like gold dust every year.

There are five starting positions for OL in a team, and apart from the Cowboys teams often struggle to have more than two over 80 OVR.

Getting a good OL can be crucial to making gaps and protecting the QB. An average RB can do really well behind a stellar OL.

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This will be handy for the new ball carrier stick system.

With the new pass rushing mechanics, this looks to be even more testing.

Lamar Jackson

When you are on the cover, you're always overpowered right?

Just ask 2004 Mike Vick.

rsz lamar jackson madden 21
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ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?: Jackson will be a handful

Fully expect Lamar Jackson to be unstoppable and if the owner in your franchise league even thinks about letting him go then offer the farm.

When does Madden 21 land?

We now have a confirmed release date for Madden 21.

Circle 28 August in your calendar. Though you can play from 25 August with early access and get your franchise mode started!

Lamar Jackson was the breakout star of last season and named MVP. He was the early frontrunner for the Madden 21 cover and EA did not disappoint.

The Madden 21 gameplay trailer is available here. There are three editions of Madden 21 available.

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