Madden 21 Pass Rush Control: Time to stop using your MLB & safety?

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The Madden 21 trailer is due out in a matter of hours and everyone is waiting to see what the key gameplay changes will be.

Whilst waiting, a leaked trailer has indicated what we can expect and if it's legitimate it might lead to a change in how people structure and build their defense.

Madden 21 - Dominate the edge

The second headline gameplay element on the trailer is the 'dominate the edge - new pass-rush control'. With Lamar Jackson the cover star, players will be pleased that there's an equally powerful defensive ability aimed at stopping him.

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99 CLUB: Aaron Donald is the best player and pass-rusher on Madden

With the focus on ball carrier skills, the addition of pass-rushing mechanics could make it very difficult to pass the ball in Madden 21.

Most Madden players tend to use their MLB or SS as their user players to allow them to get around the field and cover multiple routes.

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But this could change with these new pass-rushing mechanics. Using a player of Aaron Donald's quality off the edge could end up being a game-changing approach to defense.

Stopping the run to the outside also requires a good defensive edge, meaning the battle between ball carrier skills and defensive end stick skills could be what defines Madden 21.

Official Trailer

Originally scheduled for 1 June but delayed for obvious reasons, EA has decided to give the Madden 21 trailer its own reveal rather than just putting it into EA Play.

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Broadcast on YouTube, the trailer will go live at 10am ET / 3pm BST on today.

The key thing we want to see is some gameplay. Be it new mechanics, tweaks to franchise mode, or just some in-game physics, we need to see something from EA.

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Madden 21 will be their last unchallenged football game as 2K are re-entering the market in 2021, so it’s vital they build hype and address some of the community desires.

Release date

It looks like EA has inadvertently leaked their release date for Madden 21.

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The official YouTube video description gave fans the date of 28 August to circle in their calendar.

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