How to Get to Petrichor in Genshin Impact

The Village of Petrichor from the Genshin Impact 4.6 Livestream.
Credit: HoYoverse

The Village of Petrichor from the Genshin Impact 4.6 Livestream.
Credit: HoYoverse

The Genshin Impact Version 4.6 update has arrived, bringing a brand-new area in Fontaine for players to explore. Want to know how to get to the village of Petrichor? We’ve got you covered!

Beneath Petrichor's surface lies the Faded Castle, a mysterious structure shrouded in the depths of the “Sea of Yore”, serving as a remnant of the lost kingdom of Remuria. This vast underwater region holds the secrets of a bygone era, teeming with treasures waiting to be unearthed, never-seen-before mechanics, and formidable new bosses to challenge.

How to get to Petrichor in Genshin Impact

The Genshin Impact Version 4.6 has introduced the fallen Fontainian kingdom of Remuria as an explorable area, accessible through Petrichor Island! Thankfully, this remote island isn’t barred behind a chain of prerequisites. If you have already completed the Archon Quest: Prologue Act 3 “Song of the Dragon and Freedom”, a Teleport Waypoint will be automatically unlocked in the village.

Genshin Impact 4.6 new Teleport Waypoint in the Village of Petrichor.
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Credit: HoYoverse

This area bridges the large gap between Fontaine, Sumeru, and Liyue, and as with all map expansions, Petrichor introduces a host of new content and features.

Players can expect to decipher music-based mechanics while being guided by a feline friend, and may even find a slumbering protector, standing guard in a recess of the castle. Defeating this statue made of marble and brass will grant you the coveted Fragment of a Golden Memory, crucial for leveling up the new 5-star character, Arlecchino.

Led by the God King Remus, Remuria thrived as the civilization that preceded the Hydro Archon Egeria. However, Remus' attempt to save his people from a prophesied doom by sharing his godly power with human governors backfired, leading to Remuria's sudden destruction and its eventual sinking into the Abyss, swallowing everything and everyone within. Simply teleport to the village and Petrichor to start exploring the ruins of an ancient city!

For a more detailed look at upcoming new content, check out our comprehensive Genshin Impact Version 4.6 guide here, detailing its release date, banners, new map expansions, and more.

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