Genshin Impact Fans Celebrate Baizhu's Birthday After Long Delay

Genshin Impact Baizhu and Qiqi key art.
Credit: HoYoverse

Genshin Impact Baizhu and Qiqi key art.
Credit: HoYoverse

After an unexpected year-long delay, Genshin Impact fans can finally celebrate Baizhu's birthday! Social media is flooded with well-wishes in an outpouring of love for this altruistic character.

Introduced early on in the Liyue Archon Quest, Baizhu's brief appearance was enough to capture hearts. He's the owner of Bubu Pharmacy, Liyue's finest, and is rarely seen without his white snake companion, Changsheng. His medical knowledge and compassion are renowned throughout Teyvat, evident in his diverse and effective prescriptions.

Genshin Impact community showers Baizhu with love on his birthday

Today marks Baizhu's birthday, and fans are taking to social media in a heartwarming display of lore-inspired messages. In his official birthday art, Baizhu is holding a bouquet of Qingxin, featuring the iconic Changsheng wrapped around his shoulders.

Despite being a renowned doctor, kind to all his patients, and always striving to cure any ailment, Baizhu battles an ancient illness in his pursuit of immortality. Comments like "I sincerely wish you good health and long life, just like your snake's name, Changsheng," and "Wishing you a healthy and rejuvenating year ahead!" showcase the Genshin community's affection for Baizhu.

Changsheng, the snake often seen with Baizhu, offered him a contract known as the "Way of the Dragon-Dragging Jade Snake." This pact grants him powerful healing abilities but comes at the cost of his health. Though many previous hosts have succumbed to this curse, Baizhu vowed to break the cycle and end the contract with him. His unwavering determination for immortality ultimately led to him receiving a Vision.

This birthday celebration comes after a year-long delay. Baizhu was originally slated for release in Version 3.6, which fell on 12 April, perfectly coinciding with his birthday. However, HoYoverse chose to postpone his debut banner to the second phase of Version 3.6, much to the disappointment of fans. Now, after a year, we can finally say happy birthday to Liyue's most talented doctor!

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