Get ready for your own fans to leave early if you crumble in Career Mode

If you haven't heard by now, FIFA 22 Career Mode will see a HUGE new Create a Club feature arrive.

But what about managers who want to play with their favourite club?

Well for you purists, we've got you covered.

Dressing Room atmosphere

Cinematic sequences arrive at the end of each match in Player Career.

They reflect your team’s and your player’s latest performance, from celebrating trophy wins to the dramatic loss in a derby.

Your player will even snatch the MOTM award when your team loses the match, putting your player in the awkward situation of trying to hide his trophy from his teammates.

Expanded Stories

News items are now focused on your stats and accomplishments and will trigger when any of these events happen:

  • When you reach 50/100/150/200/250 matches played, or won, as a manager or player
  • When you win the Manager of the Month award (Manager Career)
  • When a youth player from your squad has a standout debut season (Manager Career)
  • When you as a player have a standout debut season (Player Career)
  • When you as a player or a player from your squad wins the Golden Boot award
  • When your player becomes the clean sheets or assists leader in the league (Player Career)
  • When you or one of your player’s goal projection is to break a competition’s goal record and when you or they finally succeed in doing so

On PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Stadia these accomplishments aren’t just celebrated in the news, with added pre-match intro sequences in which the commentator team will pick up on what you have achieved.

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LEARNING FROM THE BEST - EA looks to have taken inspiration from PES' popular Master League

New cinematics such as new team warm-up sequences, locker room moments, teams inspecting the pitch as well as the groundskeeper making last-minute preparations all arrive, too.

Crucially, if your team is underperforming in an important match, you may even see the crowd leaving early.

A new reveal cinematic has arrived when you get a new managerial job and transfer announcement news will take place at the stadium, not just the press room.

Your Player Career journey will be picked up by the commentator team with banter around transfer or loan moves, your debut, or when you’re solidifying your place in the starting 11.

The quality of screenshots taken from the match has improved, which you will see in the news you receive in the hub, in order to make the stories more specific to your match experience.

Last but not least, the "Goal News from Elsewhere" commentary has improved, with former England and Arsenal player Alex Scott providing minute by minute updates to matches that are played simultaneously.

The latest technology was used to make sure that the transitions between the commentary team and Alex Scott sound as natural as possible.

Dynamic Tifos

EA previously had to rely on existing player art in fan tifos, but that is now a thing of the past.

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UP IN LIGHTS - Players in your squad, even generated ones, can receive their own Tifo

In FIFA 22 if a player becomes one of the top-rated players in the team or if they have a long tenure at a club, they can be used in player tifos displayed by fans ahead of an important match.

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