FIFA 21 New Features: VAR, Career Mode & more

With the new season just around the corner, what exciting new additions will EA make to FIFA 21?

Michael Wicherek by Michael Wicherek
FIFA 21 new features Kane

FIFA 21 is set for release later this year along with the next gen consoles meaning EA will be pulling out all the stops to ensure FIFA 21 is a huge hit.

This will likely mean a revamp for old time favourite Career Mode as well as fresh take on FIFA Ultimate Team.

A massive talking point in the world of football is VAR, will EA introduce the technology into the game and if so, how will it work?

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The Video Assistant Referee (VAR) has been at the epicentre of debate throughout this Premier League season.

Like it or loathe it, VAR looks set to stay the course, but will EA be adding it to FIFA 21?

FIFA goal line technology
DENIED! EA already introduced goal-line technology, but how would VAR work in-game?

EA brought goal-line technology to the game; however, it will be a much tougher task to introduce VAR as the expectation is the game makes correct decisions already!

Waiting for VAR in real life can be torture as it is so it will be interesting to see if/how EA implement it should they choose to do so.

Career Mode

Interactive transfer discussions and press conferences have arrived on Career Mode in recent years as EA showed the classic game mode a little more attention.

These additions were met with enthusiasm although they have become repetitive and time consuming so EA will need the freshen these up.

FIFA 20 interactive press conference
HOW MANY TIMES! There are only a certain number of times you can answer the same question before skipping these press conferences entirely.

Career Mode fans have been longing for something substantial to get their teeth in to, with calls for more control over the youth academy a particularly interesting idea.

The favourite it seems is to add kit customisation. Being able to freshen up your teams look each year appears an enticing proposition for Career Mode fans!

Ultimate Team

EA successfully rejuvenated Ultimate Team on FIFA 20 with their season objective players, giving FUT fans something to work for.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team objectives
LEVEL UP! Season Objectives have allowed players to improve their squad without breaking the bank.

With players on a more level playing field as higher overall cards are more readily available, the game mode has become more competitive.

Do not expect too many drastic changes to the game mode as fans were pretty content with Ultimate Team on FIFA 20.


Kick Off

EA’s introduction of House Rules in the Kick-Off mode is the closest we have seen to the old Lounge Mode of years gone by.

Lounge Mode was an old favourite when your mates were round as you used perks to disadvantage your opponent and boost your own players in the process!

FIFA Lounge Mode
GRUDGE MATCH! Lounge Mode was an old time classic as perks and boosts could level the playing field.

Mystery Ball has been a hit and there is certainly scope for more Kick-Off modes similar with King of the Hill not quite cutting the mustard.

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