FIFA 21 Career Mode: Gameplay, new features, wish list, PS5, Xbox Series X & more

The popular offline game mode saw a number improvements last year, but how will EA build on that?

The instalment of EA’s popular football title, FIFA 21, is expected to release later this year.

It’s fair to say that Career Mode is the most popular offline game mode, with FIFA 20 bringing a couple of enhancements to the management simulator.

Dynamic team morale, manager customisation and increased communication between the manager and players were the main changes to come last year.

These new additions were welcomed by the gaming community, but EA can’t afford to stand still and must build on these improvements in the next game.

Keep reading as we cover what we can expect from FIFA 21 Career Mode.

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What to expect

As we’ve already mentioned, FIFA 20 Career Mode brought some great additions to the offline game mode.

The addition of manager customisation created a more immersive experience, whilst the introduction of player conversations and dynamic player and team morale led to improved realism in the FIFA 20 world.

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These improvements proved that EA have turned their attentions towards innovating Career Mode, and so we fully expect the game developers to build on these additions.

As FIFA 21’s release is so far away, there is currently no confirmed news on what will be coming in the next instalment of Career Mode – however, we have some predictions that would make fantastic additions.

What we want to see

There are several features we want to see from FIFA 21 Career Mode, which we touched upon in a recent RealOpinions piece.

Customisable Kits (sponsorship deals?)

There’s no better feeling as a Career Mode player than when you’ve taken your League Two club all the way to the bright lights of the Champions League.

However, it’s a bit frustrating when you’re matched up against the likes of Real Madrid and you have to walk out at the Bernabeu in an outdated kit.

NEW SEASON, SAME KIT: Currently you’re stuck with the same set of kits no matter how many season you play

The ability to customise and update your club’s kits each season would be an exciting addition to the game mode.

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EA could even go one step further and allow sponsor partnership negotiations which could help your club raise funds – ok this feature may be a little way off still…

In-Depth Transfer and Loan Deals

Career Mode’s transfer system is much in need of an update – the current system merely allows you to sign players through offering a fee or player exchange, or loan a player by paying part of their wage.

This is far from the reality of the transfer market. Primarily, the ability to include add-ons in transfer deals would add another layer of immersion. 

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For example, rather than paying a flat fee, you could break down a deal in to instalments, and include extra payments if and when the player has made a certain number of appearances.

In terms of loans, being able to add an obligation-to-buy is an omission that I can’t believe EA haven’t rectified yet. It’s a must-have in next year’s game. 

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There did used to be an option-to-buy in previous games, but this was removed – it would be great to see this feature re-added also.

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