*UPDATED* FIFA 21 Career Mode Trailer REVEALED: Pitch Notes, New Features, Latest News & more

FIFA 21's Career Mode trailer has officially dropped and boy does it look good!

Keep reading to find out everything we've learnt from the new trailer and the accompanying Pitch Notes.

FIFA 21 Career Mode Trailer

The FIFA 21 Career Mode trailer premiered at 11am ET / 4pm BST on Thursday, 13 August.

You can watch it on the link below:

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Pitch Notes

Along with the trailer, EA has released a set of Pitch Notes that give us an in-depth look at what's to come in Career Mode.

Interactive Match Simulation

This year, EA has enabled players to choose their level of control through the all-new Interactive Match Simulation.

liverpool dortmund fifa 21
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GET ON WITH IT: You will be able to get through your matches quicker than ever before, but can take charge if you see fit!

'Interactive Match Sim enables managers to adopt a more tactical and faster-pace approach to matches, making all-important decisions from the touchline and watching their impact on the pitch from a top-down view.'

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In the Interactive Match Sim, matches play out at twice the speed of regular gameplay, with out-of-play animations automatically skipped.

Instantly Jump In Or Out

gives players the option to jump into a match at any moment - this means you can jump in if your team goes one goal down, or if your team is on a crucial attack.

fifa 21 career mode match sim 1
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WITH GREAT POWER: Jump in and out of a game when you see fit

You will then be able to jump back out of gameplay when you see fit and watch the rest of the game in the sim hub.

You can jump in and out of match sim at any moment, regardless of whether you started the game as a traditional game or as an Interactive Match Sim.

A New Way To Experience Match Gameplay

From the Interactive Match Sim you'll be able to make a number of changes to your team.

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'You can interact with Team Management, change Game Plans, and monitor your team’s and your opponent’s information in real-time.'

The following tabs will be availale during a game:

  • Fitness - gives you an idea of which players might run out of Stamina first.
  • Player Ratings - summarises which players are performing well and which players are struggling.
  • Match Stats - provides an instant snapshot of both teams’ performance.
  • Game Plan - shows the systems the teams have adopted on the field.

Interactive Match Sim also features commentary and stadium atmosphere.

New Match Launcher

In FIFA 21, you'll be able launch each match with one of three options:

  • Play Match - load into traditional gameplay.
  • Sim Match - launch the new Interactive Match Sim.
  • Quick Sim - instantly jump to the final result of the match.

From the match launcher you'll see the Probable Opponent Line-Up and your active Team Sheet, before deciding what to do.

fifa 21 career mode match launcher 1
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GIVE AND TAKE: You'll have much more control over gameday, but say goodbye to kit selection!

Kit selection is now automated to get into matches quicker and the launcher also includes Match Settings and new options that are specific to the Interactive Match Sim.

Player Development

Players can now be developed and specialised in various roles based on their playing position.

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Also, you'll be able to improve your players' attributes to fit your style of play improved upon - 'whether you favour playing out from the back, possession, or fast counter-attacks, you can instruct your players to focus their growth in the direction that you want'.

XP Accumulation

Player growth is is determined through XP accumulation.

They will gain XP depending on their form (how they're playing in matches) and their potential to grow.

By default, all players are placed on a Balanced Plan, meaning that the XP is distributed evenly to all Attributes.

fifa 21 career mode player development 1
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FAIL TO PLAN, PLAN TO FAIL: You can set custom growth plans for your players

However, you can create a Custom Development Plan, in which you can choose a set of player Attributes and features to get all XP growth.

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Growth plans focus the XP towards:

  • Major Attributes (Attributes that generate the OVR of the player for their current position)
  • Skill Move/Weak Foot ratings (especially for attacking players)
  • Attacking/Defensive Work Rate
  • Attributes that fuel specialization (Attributes that may not contribute to the current position OVR)

Much like in real life football, the speed at which players develop depends on their age, abilities, potential, form, and playtime.

Player Position Conversion

As part of Player Development, players can now be converted to other positions.

Position Conversion works similarly to Player Development, however, 'all growth XP gets directed towards Attributes and abilities that would cater to the new position which the player is converted to'.

fifa 21 career mode positional changes 1
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RE-RE-REMIX: We get the feeling Trent won't have to change too much to play as a right midfielder

Conversions can also impact Work Rates & Skill Move abilities of players.

For example, if you convert a winger into a full back, they will need to develop their defensive work rate for the conversion to be complete.

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'Younger players will be naturally easier to convert to other positions, and declining veteran players can be guided towards a position that helps them conserve their key Attributes better.'

Player Development and Position Conversion are also available for Youth Academy players.

New Active Training

Active Training will now be focused on the 'overall match readiness of your squad', utilising 'Match Sharpness' (a player performance modifier).

Training Days can take place on any day except match days.

  • Training Days will feature 3 distinct training session slots
  • Multiple players can now participate in each Drill (involve up to 15 players in each Training Day)
  • Every session consists of diverse Drills and various scenarios
  • Training Days will automatically select appropriate drills and players based on the active Team Sheet, but you can edit them should you want to
  • Changing your active Team Sheet will instantly update the Drill and Player selection for your Training Day, meaning you could switch to your reserve team and train them
fifa 21 career mode training days 1
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ALL TOGETHER NOW: You can train up to 15 players in a single Training Day

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  • The more difficult a drill is, the bigger the Fitness cost, but the maximum Sharpness output will also be more substantial
  • Getting the highest Grade will maximize the Sharpness output, but the fitness cost will remain the same
fifa 21 career mode training days 2
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PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT: Utilise drills to improve player Sharpness

  • More players in the drill means more players get some Sharpness for a successful drill, but fewer players in the Drill means a greater Sharpness boost per player
  • When simulating a drill, the grade you get will always be the highest grade that you’ve obtained when playing it, whilst drills that you haven’t played will get a maximum grade of “D”

Player Sharpness

As mentioned, Sharpness is a player performance indicator that shows how ready a player is for a match.

In fact, a sharp player will have their attributes boosted and will perform better on the pitch!

fifa 21 career mode player sharpness
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NO SPOILERS HERE: EA has confirmed that the ratings in these screenshots 'do not represent final values'

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Sharpness Scale:

  • Sharpness at 50 means the player is at average Sharpness - no boost, no penalty
  • Sharpness between 50-100 means the player is sharper than average - attributes boosted
  • Sharpness between 0-50 means the player is below average Sharpness - attributes reduced

Player Feedback System

There is also an all-new Player Feedback System which highlights the most relevant information to you. This will highlight three elements that impact a player’s OVR in addition to their development and age:

  • Sharpness
  • Morale
  • Playing on his preferred position

Team Schedule Planning

The new Team Schedule Planning allows you to control what your players do every day to build their match Sharpness and manage their Fitness/Morale.

There are three types of daily activities that you can set:

  • Training Day - as covered above training days impact fitness levels, but player morale will also take a hit if they don't get any days off
  • Recovery Day - this is focused on regaining the most amount of Fitness for your players, but it decreases Sharpness the most
  • Rest Day - regains less Fitness than Recovery Day, but has a smaller negative impact on Sharpness and boosts Morale a little
fifa 21 career mode schedule 1
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AIN'T NO REST FOR THE WICKED: But there is for footballers if you want them to perform

You can either plan these activities on a day-by-day basis or use Schedule Rules to create patterns for pre and post match days, or any other days, two weeks in advance.

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Scheduling rules can be adjusted whenever you want during a season, allowing you to make high-level changes without having to get involved with planning activities each day.

fifa 21 career mode calender
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MICRO-MANAGE: Decide your players' every move with the new Schedule Planning

The Monthly Calendar will now also surface the activities set in the Weekly Schedule.

New Transfer Options

EA has made three key changes to transfers in FIFA 21 Career Mode.

  • Loan to Buy - you can now loan the players you desire first, with the option to make the transfers permanent in future
  • AI Player Swap Proposals - AI will now make player swap proposals with players of their own
  • Contract Renewal Improvements - AI-controlled clubs will perform contract renewals, meaning we're unlikely to see top players become Free Agents

You can find a list of additional / broadcast improvements at the bottom of the Pitch Notes here.

Release Date and Pre-order

EA has confirmed FIFA 21 will launch on current-gen consoles on Friday, 9 October 2020.

If you pre-order the Ultimate Edition not only will you get an OTW card, but you’ll also receive your copy three days early on Tuesday 6 October

fifa 21 ultimate edition 1
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The Ultimate Edition can be pre-ordered from GAME now for £89.99 (UK Only) or from Amazon for £89.99 / $99.99 (International) and is packed with extras.

Along with three days early access you get:

  • Up to 24 Rare Gold Packs, 2 per week for 12 weeks
  • Cover Star Loan Item, for 5 FUT matches
  • Career Mode Homegrown Talent — A local youth prospect with world-class potential.
  • FUT Ambassador Player Pick — Choose 1 of 3 player items for 3 FUT matches.
  • Special Edition FUT Kits and stadium items

PRE-ORDER NOW: FIFA 21 Ultimate Edition (including 3-days Early Access)

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