FIFA 20 FUT Player Days REVEALED: Release time, predictions, explained, Carlos Tevez, Copa Libertadores, promo SBCs, discount packs, engagement rewards, news & more

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FUT Player Days is back!

That means a load of In-Form cards will be returning to FIFA 20 Ultimate Team packs.

The Copa Libertadores players are here in a big way.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know and more!

Release Date

FUT Player Days is here!

The promo arrived at 1pm ET / 6pm GMT on Friday, 6 March 2020.

fifa 20 fut player days countdown
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COUNTDOWN: The promo dropped at 6pm, March 6

As usual, we were on hand with live updates covering all the latest news on the promo as soon as it dropped.

FUT Player Days Explained

FUT Player Days is essentially a "Best-Of" In-Forms promo in which some of the highest-rated cards return to Ultimate Team packs.

If the promo is the same as last year, these cards will be either TOTW, MOTM, Hero or UCL/UEL Team of the Group Stage cards.

fut player days fifa 20
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FUT THROWBACK: If this year's promo is similar to FIFA 19 then we're in for a treat

Last year, a team of 18 boosted cards returned to FUT packs, so expect a similar number of players to return to Ultimate Team in FIFA 20.

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However, there's more to this promo - as it's a celebration of FIFA 20, EA is likely to drop a number of discounts, offers, log-in rewards and most importantly, engagement rewards.

Libertadores Team Revealed

The first set of cards to drop as part of FUT Player Days have been released and South American fans are in for a treat.

fifa 20 fut player days copa libertadores
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LIBERTADORES TAKEOVER: The first set of cards in the promo are from South America

After the Copa Libertadores update dropped earlier this week, 30 players from the competition have been granted boosted cards.

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But the fun doesn’t end there – FUT Player Days also welcomes in a ton of other content and offers.

EA Tweet

The official FIFA 20 twitter confirmed the new team this evening.

fut player days copa libertadores revealed
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In addition, EA also confirmed that there are a number of other updates comign to FUT.

They are as follows:

  • BOGOF and Discounted FUT Packs
  • Engagement Reward packs
  • Prime Icons in Draft Mode
  • Bonus Weekend League Player Pick
  • New Icon Swaps

To understand more about how this promo works, check out our FUT Player Days Explained article here.

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BOGOF and Coin Discount Packs

Two special packs return during FUT Player Days in addition to brand new pack types.

Buy One Get One Free packs will contain another pack of the same type while Coin Discount Packs offer up to 50% off from the regular coin price.

But hurry, they will be made available in limited quantities so get them before they’re gone!

Tiered Engagement Pack Reward

The more FUT 20 you’ve played, the bigger your reward! Everyone who has played FIFA 20 Ultimate Team since launch will receive a reward when they log in during the event, based on how many separate days you’ve played FUT 20.

11 – 60 Days Jumbo Premium Gold Pack61 – 118 Days Prime Gold Players Pack119 – 155 Days Rare Mega Pack156+ Days Ultimate Pack

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All Prime ICONs in Draft Mode for a Limited Time

For the first time ever, all 90 Prime ICONs will be made available in Draft at the same time! Draft teams built between Tuesday, March, 10th 10:00 AM PST through Thursday, March, 12th 10:00 AM PST will have a higher chance of finding a Prime ICON in their Draft squad.

Plus, keep an eye out for a limited time Objective offering a Draft Token.

Bonus Weekend League Player Pick

As a special bonus for the first weekend of FUT Player Days, a limited time Objective Group will offer additional Player Picks for those participating in the FUT Champions Weekend League.

New ICON Swaps 3

During the event, a new selection of ICONs will be made available to earn through ICON Swaps 3.

This is just the beginning of content during FUT Player Days with more to come.

Further FUT Player Days Predictions

Check out some of the cards we expect to feature in the new promo.

Kevin De Bruyne (94 IF)

De Bruyne fut player days
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Kevin De Bruyne has had an exceptional season for Manchester City so far, cementing himself as one of the best midfielders in the world.

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With a massive 17 assists in the Premier League this season, De Bruyne earned himself a second In-form rated 94 OVR. Surely this card will return in FUT Player Days.

Kylian Mbappe (93 IF)

Mbappe fut player days fifa 20
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At just 21 years old, Kylian Mbappe is already considered amongst the top echelon of strikers. With 30 goals in 32 games this season it looks like the Frenchman is just getting better and better.

If he were to be included in the new promo, it would likely be Mbappe’s third In-Form, rated at 93 OVR, that would become available in packs.

For more FUT Player Days predictions, head here.

Discount and BOGOF Packs

We're expecting two special packs to return in FUT Player Days - Buy One Get One Free packs and Coin Discount packs.

Coin Discount packs offer up to 50% off from the regular price.

Engagement Reward

The more FUT 20 you've played, the bigger your engagement reward.

Everyone who logs in during the event and has played at least one day will likely be eligible to receive a reward.

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The rewards in FIFA 19 were as follows:

1 - 8 Days             Custom Kit

9 - 52 Days           Jumbo Premium Gold Pack + Custom Kit

53 – 107 Days     Prime Gold Players Pack + Custom Kit

108 – 144 Days   Rare Mega Pack + Custom Kit

145+ Days             Ultimate Pack + Custom Kit

Prime Icon Moments SBC

Last year four Prime Icon Moments SBCs were released throughout the event - let's hope it's the same this year!

What In-Forms are eligible for FUT Player Days?

The eligible performance based In-Forms are Team of the Week, any Man of the Match, Hero and Team of the Tournament Group Stage.

If a player has multiple In-forms from these categories, only the highest rated one will be released.

How do Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF) FUT packs work?

When you buy and open this special pack you will receive the same pack as one of the items within it.

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