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14 Feb 2020

FIFA 20 Winter Refresh: Weak Foot & Skill Move Upgrades CONFIRMED - Ziyech, Hazard & more

FIF 20's Winter Refresh is about to drop, but it’s not just player overalls that are changing.

There are over 100 players that have had their weak foot or skill moves upgraded - or in some cases both - and there are some seriously big names on that list.

There are four players who have jumped from four star to five star skills, whilst plenty more have jumped up one star from their previous rating.

Meanwhile, there have been BIG changes to players weak foot ratings - with some jumping as many as three ratings - making them much more valuable in Ultimate Team.

Skill move upgrades

EA have released the full list of skill move upgrades - including Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino - who jumps from 4* skills to 5, as if Liverpool weren’t good enough already...

Here is the full list of players who have seen a change to their skill move rating.

FIFA 20 - Skill move upgrade list

Weak foot upgrades

Meanwhile there are plenty of players who have seen their weak foot improve - including Saudi League player Majed Hazazi who has jumped from a 2* weak foot to a 5*!

The list for the weak foot upgrades is HUGE. Here it is in it’s entirety