FIFA 21: 7 things we want to see – Cross Platform, Career Mode, Ultimate Team, Lounge Mode & more

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FIFA 21 is edging closer, with the release date officially announced for Friday October 9, 2020.

We can’t wait to get our hands on the new game, and here are seven things we want from FIFA 21.

Cross Platform

Let us play with everyone!

Not all your mates will have the same console, so cross platform will allow you to play your favourite game modes with everyone.

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LINK UP! Games like Fortnite and Warzone have enabled cross platform play to great effect.

Cross-platform play is yet to be announced, but EA have introduced cross platform in Need for Speed Heat.

Could this pave the way for cross platform play across more of EA’s titles?

Career Mode

Keep going EA!

EA has made great improvements to the Career Mode in the last couple of editions, but it must keep adding to them.

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CONCEPT! Having some control over kits and badges is something that excites a lot of Career Mode fans.

The recently added cut scenes need some variety, while the interviews can often lack accuracy.

Kit customisation and more control over your budget, objectives and youth set-up are other areas we would love to see improved on FIFA 21.

Ultimate Team

EA did a great job on Ultimate Team on FIFA 20.

It has been more achievable to build competitive squads on Ultimate Team this season, even if you are not opening up your wallet to do so.

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This has made for more level fixtures with a greater reward for playing the game well.

With Division Rivals and FUT Champs providing great rewards, we would love to see EA improve Squad Battles to spice up the offline areas of FUT.

Lounge Mode

Bring back Lounge Mode!

It has been nearly a decade since we last saw Lounge Mode on FIFA and it has been sorely missed.

FIFA Lounge Mode
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GOOLD OLD DAYS! Lounge Mode was a classic for sociable gaming.

Gathering round your friends’ house and earning boosts and bonuses for your team to get the edge over your opponent was what Friday’s were made for.

Lounge Mode was arguably the most sociable game mode available and could be a massive hit if available to play online too.


Volta still has a lot of potential but strip it back to the basics.

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The original FIFA Street should be the model EA look to replicate, with its simple Rule the Street game mode.

Having to emerge victorious over some of the game’s top players to bring them into your side was great fun!

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TEKKERS! We would love to see a more similar mode to the original Rule the Street

We are not saying do exactly the same, but we would like to see less of the frilly bits and more game play.

The Journey

Take a look at NBA 2K20 for what The Journey could have been.

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The endorsements, the stars, the game play is all excellent.

As a non-basketball fan, NBA 2K20 nailed the MyCareer game mode with its authenticity, detail, and actually enjoyable gameplay.

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FAMILIAR FACE! Idris Elba starred in NBA 2K20 MyCareer.

If EA can replicate the strengths of 2K20, a return of The Journey could be fantastic!

Iconic Teams

We want to see Icons and not just in Ultimate Team!

Make squads fully customisable and bring legends back into the game.

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SUPERSTAR! Legendary teams and players would be great additions to offline game modes.

We would also love to see some of the all-time great teams too, like Thierry Henry and the Invincibles or Xavi and Iniesta’s dominant Barcelona side.

It would be great to be able to bring players like this back into game modes like Career Mode and attempt to replicate their former glories in the modern game.

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