WWE 2K24: All MyRISE unlockables

WWE 2K24 MyRISE Gameplay Footage

WWE 2K24 MyRISE Gameplay Footage

WWE 2K24 is here which means you can finally step into the ring and experience the best wrestling game ever.

MyRISE is one of the most popular game modes of WWE 2K24 and plays a huge role in making this game so great. In this year's enjoyable career mode there are plenty of rewards players can unlock.

So, without further ado, let's take a look at the MyRISE Unlockables.

WWE 2K24 MyRISE Unlockables

WWE 2K24 MyRISE offers players the chance to choose between two unique storylines, Undisputed and Unleashed. Both storylines offer a plethora of choices that influence how the story progresses, with side missions also being present.

As you progress through these two magical storylines you will unlock many rewards, 80 total to be more precise, that you can then use in other WE 2K24 game modes.

WWE 2K24 gameplay footage
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The rewards are exclusive MyFACTION cards, arenas, unique championship belts, attires, and entrances, among many others. One of the most popular rewards is the MyFACTION card of Xavier Woods alter ego "Zero".

These rewards make MyRISE even more enjoyable and also help captivate more players to the game mode. At the same time, they also add new elements to other game modes, such as the unique championship belts for Universe Mode.

All WWE 2K24 MyRISE unlockables

Here are all the known MyRISE unlockables so far.

  • Xavier Woods alter ego "Zero" MyFaction card
  • BCW arena
  • Club UK arena
  • Down-Up-Down-Up arena
  • Japan Dome arena
  • Joshi Japan arena
  • LAW arena
  • Arena Estatal
  • Summerslam arena
  • WrestleMania arena
  • Mexico Plaza arena
  • Multiversal Infinite Championship belt
  • Multiversal Infinite Cardboard Championship belt
  • TBD Championship belt
  • TBD arena
  • Motion Capture Studio
  • Chosen Sapphire MyFaction card
  • Asuka MyFaction card
  • Batista MyFaction card
  • Ava Moreno MyFaction card
  • Cole Quinn MyFaction card
  • Carly Prime MyFaction card
  • El Ordinario MyFaction card
  • John Cena MyFaction card
  • Lita MyFaction Manager card
  • Geneva Rose MyFaction card
  • The Manifestation MyFaction card
  • Gabriel Slade MyFaction card
  • Odyssey Rift MyFaction card
  • Slade MyFaction card
  • Meilee “Fanny” Fan MyFaction card
  • Tavish MyFaction card
  • Justine MyFaction card
  • Psycho Sally MyFaction

It's worth noting that, to unlock all of these rewards you will need to complete both the Undisputed and Unleashed storyline.

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