WWE 2K24: MyRISE trailer revealed



WWE 2K24 has just released the MyRISE trailer, which revealed the new features the mode is introducing. These new features have left the WWE 2K community very excited, and players can't wait to try them out.

The popular career mode is introducing two new storylines, one focused on the men's division and the other on the women’s. Players will be able to create their unique Superstar and pave their own path to wrestling immortality.

So let's find out everything about MyRISE in WWE 2K24.

MyRISE has two unique storylines

In WWE 2K24, MyRISE players will have two unique storylines they can choose from. One is tailored for the men's division and is called Undisputed, while the other focuses on the women’s division and is named Unleashed.

Both of them provide a unique experience, with different dialogues, rivals, and a plethora of choices that impact your career. The choices you make will determine if you are a baby face or a heel and with which Superstars you create an alliance.

In Undisputed, you become the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, after Roman Reigns vacates the title and leaves for Hollywood, to follow in the footsteps of The Rock.

However, The Tribal Chief doesn't appreciate you taking what he thinks is rightfully his, and will come back to reclaim his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

WWE 2K24 Roman Reigns in MyRISE trailer footage
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Credit: WWE 2K

In Unleashed, the story is very different. You start as a Superstar who founded one of the best wrestling promotions in the indie scene and gets offered a chance to take her talents to the WWE. Whether she thrives or not in the biggest wrestling company in the world, it's all up to you.

Even though it focuses on the women's division, the Unleashed storyline is very likely inspired by Cody Rhodes's story, of being one of the founding members of AEW and leaving for WWE.

Both storylines offer players a plethora of different choices, that impact how their career progresses. They also have more than six hours of original dialogue, with Superstars such as Roman Reigns, Cody Rhodes and “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio doing voice-overs for their characters.

These two new features make MyRISE feel fresh again and also help the game mode provide a more enjoyable and immersive gaming experience.

A plethora of rewards awaiting to be unlocked

MyRISE doesn't only allow you to tell your story and cement your name in the WWE Hall of Fame. There are also a plethora of rewards you can unlock and use in other WWE 2K24 game modes.

This game mode includes 80 unlockable rewards, such as arenas, championship belts, entrances, and MyFACTION cards among many others.

WWE 2K24 in MyRISE trailer footage
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Credit: WWE 2K

These rewards help captivate more players to the game mode, especially those who weren't very interested in playing it in the first place but might do it solely for the rewards it offers.

Furthermore, they make the mode even more rewarding to play for the hard-core career mode fans. It seems WWE 2K24 will deliver the best MyRISE version in the franchise's history.

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