When Will Valorant's Clove Be Released?

A screenshot from the "2 WORLDS // Clove Agent Trailer - VALORANT" YouTube video.
Credit: Riot Games

A screenshot from the "2 WORLDS // Clove Agent Trailer - VALORANT" YouTube video.
Credit: Riot Games

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Fueling anticipation with their unique skillset and the reveal of their non-binary identity, the Valorant community eagerly awaits Agent 25, also known as Clove, the upcoming Controller agent. So, when will Clove be unveiled and join the fray? Read on to find out!

As excitement rides high from the Valorant Masters Madrid 2024 grand finals, players are keen to learn more about this agent with the potential to shake up the meta.

When will the new agent, Clove, be released in Valorant?

Unlike previous agents who debuted alongside new Episodes or Acts, Clove will arrive on 26 March 2024, during Episode 8 Act 2, at around 12:00 AM GMT | 7:00 PM ET, with specific times varying by region. Clove was officially revealed at the Masters Madrid Grand Finals on 24 March 2024.

Valorant Clove teaser revealed by @ValorLeaks on X.
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Credit: @ValorLeaks

What can we expect from Clove?

As the first agent of the year and the sixth Controller, Clove will not only expand the roster to 25 (following the arrivals of Gekko, Deadlock, and Iso in 2023) but also bring a welcome touch of diversity to the game, following the recent reveal of their non-binary identity.

A screenshot of the new Valorant agent Smoke Dancer's playercard
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Credit: @VALORANTLeaksEN

The Valorant community had long craved “pink” and “girly” representation, with many fans creating elaborate fan projects of pink versions of weapon skins, which have garnered significant attention on social media.

When Clove's character design and player card showcased a departure from Valorant's typically darker and grittier aesthetic, opting instead for a lighter and softer colour scheme with shades of purples and pinks, adorned with glowing butterflies, players were ecstatic!

Dubbed a Controller that “plays like a Duelist,” Clove's kit revolves around taking the fight to their opponents.

According to Agent Gameplay Designer Dan Hardison, optimal Clove gameplay is centred around taking risks and “playing with fire”. To neutralise enemy utility and remove them from the round, trading your life can be advantageous. Unlike other Controllers, Clove's raw execution power might be lower, but their post-death contributions encourage a more aggressive playstyle.

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