Valorant New Agent Smoke Dancer: A pink-themed Contoller is coming!

A screenshot of Astra from Episode 2 Act II Gameplay Trailer - VALORANT
Credit: Riot Games

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As excitement builds for the upcoming first act of Episode 8, the Valorant community is abuzz with anticipation following a teaser leaked by the renowned dataminer Kingdom Laboratories regarding the next agent. According to the leaks, the next agent’s codename is Smoke Dancer, suggesting a potential new addition to the Controller role.

The last Controller, Harbor, joined the fray way back in Episode 5 in 2022. Now, the community eagerly awaits details about Smoke Dancer, the upcoming pink-themed smoker, and how they'll shake up the meta. Without further ado, here's a breakdown of everything we know about Smoke Dancer.

Smoke Dancer player card and codename leaked

Leaks from Kingdom Laboratories reveal that the codename for the upcoming agent is "Smoke Dancer”, suggesting the introduction of a new Controller to the roster.

A screenshot of the new Valorant agent Smoke Dancer's playercard
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Credit: @VALORANTLeaksEN

Smoke Dancer’s player card showcases a departure from Valorant's typically darker and grittier aesthetic, opting instead for a lighter and softer colour palette with shades of purples and pinks, adorned with glowing butterflies and rounded edges.

Recalling how Iso's leaked "Bulletproof" player card foreshadowed his purple-themed radiante-infused character design, Smoke Dancer's player card has sparked a flurry of speculation within the Valorant community, with many suggesting that the upcoming agent will possess a more whimsical disposition.

Smoke Dancer role

Valorant hasn't welcomed a new Controller Agent since Harbor arrived in late 2022. Enter Smoke Dancer, who bridges this year-long gap and offers players another avenue for the strategic control of sightlines and engagement zones.

With the growing popularity of double-Controller team compositions, we can anticipate that Smoke Dancer's addition will open the doors to more strategic depth and creative plays.

Smoke Dancer speculated abilities

As of now, Smoke Dancer’s abilities remain completely shrouded in mystery, leaving room for speculation. Drawing from available leaks, it appears that Smoke Dancer's abilities will be themed in shades of pink or purple.

Prevailing speculation suggests that their smokes might inflict hypnotic and disorienting effects on enemies who step into them, providing a unique twist to the tactical landscape.

A screenshot from the Valorant Episode 7 Act 3 trailer.
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Credit: Riot Games

Another widely discussed theory revolves around the butterfly motif in their play card, hinting that Smoke Dancer might possess the ability of metamorphosis. This could allow them to transform some part of their kit, or perhaps even themselves, into an "evolved" form as the game progresses, introducing an additional layer of tactical complexity.

Anticipated to follow the established Controller archetype, akin to Viper and Harbor, Smoke Dancer's abilities should include a targetted area smoke ability, smoke wall, and a game-changing ultimate. It is expected that Smoke Dancer will introduce innovative variations to these abilities, further enriching the strategic diversity in the game.

Smoke Dancer release date

As per leaks, fans can look forward to the introduction of Smoke Dancer alongside Episode 8 Act 2 on March 6, 2024. As the first Agent of the year and the 6th Controller in the game, Smoke Dancer will expand Valorant's roster to 24 Agents, following the arrivals of Gekko (Initiator), Deadlock (Sentinel), and Iso (Duelist) in 2023.

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