Air Force 1 vs Court Vision

Someone in blue dyed socks putting on a white pair of Air Force 1 Lows on one side of a diagonal white line. On the other, someone in a black Nike Court Vision Mid with white branding and midsole.
Credit: Nike

Someone in blue dyed socks putting on a white pair of Air Force 1 Lows on one side of a diagonal white line. On the other, someone in a black Nike Court Vision Mid with white branding and midsole.
Credit: Nike

Comparing Nike's Air Force 1 vs Court Vision is tricky as they stand as closely related siblings in the world of sneakers.

The two share such a similarity that Nike cleverly used it to its advantage in 2022 when the brand released Valentine's Day-themed versions of the Air Force 1 and Court Vision using pretty much the exact same design, solidifying to us that the Court Vision is one of the closest alternatives to the Air Force 1 you can buy.

While visually alike, these shoes are different in many ways, making both of them exceptional additions to any collection. To help you pick between them, we've rounded up everything there is to know about their price, design, and historical significance below, helping separate the best Air Force 1s from Court Visions.

Let's begin where it all began and take a closer look at the history behind the Air Force 1...


We feel the best way to begin comparing these two excellent Nike sneakers is to take a look at how they first came into existence. Let's get into it...

Air Force 1

The Air Force 1 was the first of the two to debut, having launched in 1982. At the time, it was the first basketball shoe designed by Bruce Kilgore, whose success saw him brought in to co-design the Jordan 2 thereafter. The sneaker was marketed as one of the best basketball shoes around in 1983 when Nike took six of its top NBA stars to kick off the Air Force 1 campaign.

Image of an original Air Force 1 high-top in white with grey accents.
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Credit: Nike

The increasing popularity of Air Force 1s was fueled by their use in basketball and later in more casual settings, leading to a growing demand for low-top versions. Nike initially responded to this demand by releasing low-top variations, but eventually decided to discontinue the sneakers altogether in 1984 - shocking, we know, considering it's one of the best sneakers ever released these days.

However, consumers and retailers wanted it back, particularly three stores in Baltimore that pushed for the Air Force 1 to return. According to Nike, the company agreed, but only if the retailers would take 1,200 pairs of two initial colourways.

Nike Air Force 1 Highs in red, brown, white, black, and blue on a table next to their original drawings.
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Credit: Nike

The retailers took on the 1,200 pairs dressed in white and Royal Blue plus white and Chocolate Brown which eventually became known as the "Colour of the Month" series, aka the sneakers which saved the Air Force 1.

Nowadays, the Air Force 1 has become the ultimate lifestyle sneaker with its timeless silhouette and iconic streetwear design that's still being reproduced to this day - take the "Mint Foam" Air Force 1 as an example.

Court Vision

Fast-forwarding to 2014, and Nike's introduction of the Court Vision sneaker. It's noteworthy that, during this period, these sneakers were initially promoted under the moniker "Nike Tennis". This name was intentionally chosen to underscore their affiliation with Nike's innovative range of tennis-centric footwear.

Nike Court Vision product image of a all-white low-top sneaker.
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Credit: Nike

While the Court Vision frequently garners comparisons to the Air Force 1 due to its similar design and silhouette - just look at the "Triple White" Court Vision above - it has its distinct merits. It certainly has its place, adding value to the casual sneaker market by providing consumers with multiple options to choose from.


At this point, you may be wondering which of the Air Force 1 and Court Vision sneakers are cheaper. Generally, Court Visions typically cost less than Air Force 1s. This price difference is likely influenced by a few factors. Firstly, Air Force 1s have a rich and renowned history, making them more popular and sought-after than Court Visions.

Additionally, Air Force 1s boast an iconic design with visible Air bubbles in the midsole, which might contribute to their higher cost. On the other hand, Court Visions lack this feature, potentially reducing their production expenses and resulting in a lower price point.

Image of an all-white pair of Air Force 1s next to a pair of black Court Visions with white details.
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Credit: Nike

That said, the price difference between these "Black" Nike Court Visions and the highly popular "White" Air Force 1 '07s isn't extortionate, so you don't have to expect to pay almost double or even triple the price for a regular pair of sneakers.

Just consider that specific Air Force 1s, in particular, some of the best sneaker collaborations like the highly coveted .SWOOSH x Nike Air Force 1s, currently command higher resale prices compared to most Court Vision models. This should be a crucial factor in your decision-making process when choosing between the two, especially if you're concerned about the cost.

Design and comfort

With the Nike Court Visions, the typical thick midsole is replaced by a much thinner, regular midsole, as seen on the popular "White and Black" colourway. Therefore, the Court Vision is essentially a 'smaller' Air Force 1.

Image of a white leather Court Vision with a black Swoosh down the side.
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Credit: Nike

Although the Court Visions boast a stylish and streamlined look, they do sacrifice the plush comfort provided by the Nike Air unit, potentially impacting their suitability for everyday wear. It's also worth noting their slightly lower ankle cut, which could influence the overall fit and support for certain activities.

Air Force 1 vs Court Vision: Which should you buy?

When it comes to selecting a new pair of sneakers, our top pick is the Air Force 1. These sneakers stand out for their exceptional craftsmanship and illustrious history. What sets them apart even more is the remarkable variety of Air Force 1 collaborations introduced each year, providing an extensive selection of styles to cater to every preference.

That said, Air Force 1s come with a slightly higher price tag, so the Court Vision remains a fantastic alternative for individuals seeking a more budget-friendly option. Court Visions also still offer excellent quality and the shoe typically comes at a reasonable price, making the model a solid addition to your footwear collection.

Ultimately, if you're in the market for sneakers with a simple yet effective design and a storied past, the Air Force 1 should be your choice. However, if you're working within a budget but still desire high-quality sneakers, you can't go wrong with the Court Visions.

And that's it! Hopefully, our guide has helped you pick between them. Stay tuned for more guides to sneakers like this one right here.

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