Shoes Like Air Force 1s

A pair of white Air Force 1 Lows with pink Swooshes down the sidewalls and rubber outsoles.
Credit: SNS

A pair of white Air Force 1 Lows with pink Swooshes down the sidewalls and rubber outsoles.
Credit: SNS

Looking for an Air Force 1 alternative opens up a world of options, but with so many choices, finding the perfect substitute can be overwhelming.

That's where our list of shoes Like Air Force 1s comes in. We've sifted through various sneaker brands to identify trainers that not only resemble the iconic Air Force 1 but also offer a slightly cheaper alternative.

Consider this list a starting point for discovering the best sneakers akin to the iconic Air Force 1 that align with your taste. Make sure you check out our list of the best sneaker deals too, as it might just help you save some cash picking up any of these great trainers.

Shoes like Air Force 1s

  1. Nike Court Vision - a close Nike alternative
  2. PUMA GV Special - a similar yet different option from PUMA
  3. adidas Forum - the closest alternative from adidas
  4. Reebok Club C 85 - a stylish lookalike from Reebok
  5. Nike Blazer - a timeless Nike model
Nike Court Vision product image of a black and red low-top sneaker featuring a white midsole.
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Credit: Nike

1. Nike Court Vision

The Court Vision is often compared to and mistaken for an Air Force 1 due to its uncanny likeness. However, this is what we think makes it an ideal alternative if you're looking to stick to something from Nike.

What's particularly great about the Court Vision is that a regular pair will cost less than a comparable set of Air Force 1s. For example, despite the "Valentine's Day" Court Vision featuring the exact same design as the 2022 "Valentine's Day" Air Force 1, the Air Force 1 cost more at launch than the Court Vision.

Why is this? Well, for one, the Court Vision doesn't have the long history of the Air Force 1, nor is it in the spotlight quite as much. Also, the shoe doesn't feature the same Air bubbles in the midsole, which you may find makes it slightly less comfortable to wear.

However, when it comes to finding a like-for-like replacement for less, you won't find a shoe out there that's as similar to the Air Force 1 as the best Court Visions around.

In short:

  • Made by the same brand
  • Almost identical in appearance

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PUMA GV Special product image of an all-black sneaker with gold branding on the side.
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Credit: PUMA

2. PUMA GV Special

If you're looking to move away from Nike, but still want something that gives the 'chunky' aesthetic, then the PUMA GV Special is well worth checking out.

Originally designed for tennis, the shoe has its roots in sports, much like how the Air Force 1 was made to be one of the best basketball shoes on the market in 1982. As a result, the sneaker features a similarly packed midsole to, originally, and to this day, improve comfort.

Moreover, we feel the overall shape and design of the shoe draws many parallels to Nike's sneaker. For instance, you get similar perforations across the toebox, plus the curved lines along the side give a close resemblance to Nike's iconic Swoosh.

So, when it comes to picking out shoes like Air Force 1s that aren't made by Nike, we'd say the PUMA GV Special is worth considering.

In short:

  • The GV Special has a similar look and history rooted in sport
  • The model is cheaper than most Air Force 1s on the market

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adidas Forum product image of a white sneaker featuring blue details and stripes down the side.
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Credit: adidas

3. adidas Forum

The adidas Forum and the Air Force 1 may seem distinct at first glance, yet surprising parallels exist between these iconic models, particularly in their origin stories.

Much like the Air Force 1, the Forum emerged on the scene during the '80s, carving its niche as a basketball-centric shoe. Renowned NBA figures, including Patrick Ewing, proudly sported the Forum during its debut, echoing the trajectory of the Air Force 1.

The shared basketball heritage manifests in visual resemblances, notably the robust 'chunky' midsole that both silhouettes boast. Also, if you look at the two models face-on, you may even struggle to separate the two if it weren't for the Forum's tongue strap.

In essence, the adidas Forum reveals a deeper connection with the Air Force 1 than meets the eye, positioning itself as a compelling alternative. Its status as one of the best adidas shoes underscores its appeal, making it a great choice for sneakerheads seeking a blend of heritage and style in their footwear.

In short:

  • Very closely related, with a similar beginning in basketball
  • It's a great alternative to consider if you prefer adidas shoes

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Reebok Club C 85 product image of a chalk white low-top featuring subtle green Reebok branding.
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Credit: Reebok
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4. Reebok Club C 85

The Reebok Club C 85 shares a common heritage with the PUMA GV Special, originally designed for tennis but now embraced as a versatile everyday sneaker, reminiscent of the iconic Air Force 1.

In addition to its tennis-inspired origins, the Club C 85 boasts a similar aesthetic and an extensive array of color options, echoing the versatility seen in the Air Force 1 collection.

If you're a fan of the popular "White" Air Force 1 '07 in particular, then the sheer number of white Club C 85 sneakers Reebok has available is definitely another reason why it's such a great alternative.

So, give Reebok's Club C 85 range a browse if you're after a pair of shoes like Nike's Air Force 1.

In short:

  • Sports-based history like the Air Force 1
  • It's particularly close to the popular "White" Air Force 1 '07 in terms of looks

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Nike Blazer product image of a white Nike mid-top with a grey suede toe and black Swoosh.
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Credit: Nike

5. Nike Blazer

The Nike Blazer is a standout alternative to the iconic Air Force 1, offering a similar blend of aesthetic appeal and basketball legacy. Remarkably, the Blazer not only shares this lineage but actually precedes the Air Force 1 by nearly a decade. This timeline suggests that Bruce Kilgore, the creative mind behind the Air Force 1, may have found inspiration in the Blazer's distinctive design during his own creative process.

The Blazer typically features a high-top silhouette, catering to those who favor a more traditional basketball shoe profile. However, it also accommodates preferences for a lower collar, with numerous low-cut versions available.

In short, the Nike Blazer secures its reputation as one of the top alternatives to the Air Force 1, not just for its shared heritage and design cues, but as a distinguished choice among the best Nike sneakers on the market.

In short:

  • Also made by Nike for basketball originally
  • It looks very similar to the Air Force 1, but there is more of a retro feel to it

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And that's it! Hopefully, you've managed to find yourself a new, great alternative to the Air Force 1 to add to your collection.

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