What time is Sony going to reveal their PS Plus games for August?

August 2021 is going to be another solid month for PlayStation's PS Plus, but it might not be as impressive as it could be after last month. PlayStation has leaked their full line-up ahead of the announcement and we're just waiting for confirmation now. Here's what time we should get some confirmation on what games are going to be released with PS Plus in August 2021.

UPDATE - Leak Confirmation Coming Soon

When it comes to PS Plus announcements, PlayStation always sticks to the same timeslot. Well... They do if there isn't anything else like a pre-planned State of Play coming up. This month, there isn't any State of Play presentation coming up. That means we should see Sony announce August 2021's PS Plus line-up in their regular slot.

To specify, we should see PlayStation announce August 2021's PS Plus titles on July 28th at 09:30 PST / 11:30 EST / 16:30 BST. We're expecting them to confirm the leaks mentioned below.

Even if the new games might not tickle your fancy, PS5 players can get their hands on another bonus that might... You can get six months of Apple TV+ if you're playing on a PS5 with PS Plus. This might not be a new game, but it's better than nothing.

Full Lineup Leak

As we said above, the full August 2021 PS Plus games lineup leaked ahead of time a few days ago.

Before then, Hunter's Arena was revealed to be launching in PS Plus during the Sony State of Play showcase earlier in July.

Now, the rest of the lineup has been leaked, and this time by a more than reliable source.

Sony themselves leaked the rest of the lineup themselves via the official PlayStation website, before it was quickly deleted. Below is a screenshot of what the website showed.

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Therefore, the full PlayStation Plus games lineup for August 2021 is:

  • Hunter's Arena (PS5)
  • Tennis World Tour 2 (PS4)
  • Plants vs. Zombies: Battle For Neighborville (PS4)

As soon as the official announcement is out, we'll be sure to share it with you.

For now, there's still a small chance that the lineup changes, but we're pretty sure the list above will be what's free to subscribers in August, other than some possible bonuses or extras.

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