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How To Watch Tonight's State Of Play Event

The wait is almost over! We have our next State Of Play event happening tonight and we can't wait to see what's next for some of the most anticipated PlayStation titles!

PlayStation have been very up-front about some of the games and items that will not be shown as well as telling us the focus will be Deathloop.

Here's how you can watch the event when it goes live.

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LATEST - State Of Play Is Live Tonight

The Sony State Of Play for July 2021 will be live tonight! No additional news or reveals has broken in the lead up to the event currently so we're still in the dark in regards to what will be shown.


Be sure to tune-in and check out what Sony have in store for us. With a bit of luck we'll have some incredible surprises and learn more about titles we're already very excited for!

July State of Play Start Time

The July State Of Play event will begin at 10pm BST / 2pm PT / 5pm ET / 11pm CEST. We know the event will last around 30 minutes in total.


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Where to Watch The July State Of Play

There are two official ways to watch PlayStation's July State of Pay event. You can either check out the official Twitch stream or follow along on the official YouTube channel.

What Will We See During The July State Of Play

We know we'll be seeing around 9 minutes of Deathloop including an extended look at gameplay. Beyond this we only know what we will not see.

Horizon Forbidden West, God Of War and the next gen PSVR hardware will not be shown in any capacity. Fair play to Sony for being up-front around this to avoid disappointment from fans.

We've put together some predictions for the event and fully expect the show to be focused heavily on smaller titles with a few third party showings sprinkled in.


Remember, for a 30 minute show, 1/3 of which is dedicated to one game, you should not expect an E3 like showcase here.

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