When do August 2021's free PS Plus games become available to play?

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Usually, when we compare PlayStation's PS Plus to Xbox's Games With Gold, PS Plus always comes out on top. This month? Well... We're not so sure. The PS Plus line-up was leaked quite early by PlayStation themselves and now we have confirmation of August's free games. We know what date August 2021's PS Plus games are going to release, too, following the PS Plus announcement to confirm them.

AUGUST 2021 - PS Plus Games Confirmed

PlayStation hasn't offered up anything too surprising and given us exactly what we expected (according to the leaks below). It's a shame, but here are the August 2021 PS Plus games:

  • Hunter's Arena - Legends (PS4 & PS5)
  • Plants vs Zombies: Battle For Neighborville (PS4)
  • Tennis World Tour 2 (PS4)

All three titles will be available to download from August 3rd until next month's PS Plus games are available on September 6th.

LEAKED LINE UP - August 2021 PS Plus Games

The upcoming PS Plus line-up gets leaked a lot. That isn't too much of a surprise. However, what is a surprise is that it looks like this month's announcement was leaked by PlayStation! Surely, it's a huge mistake...

If you look at the image below, which is a screenshot of the official PlayStation website, you'll see that Plants vs. Zombies: Battle For Neighborville and Tennis World Tour 2 should be joining Hunter's Arena as August 2021's PS Plus games.

PS Plus August Games Leaked
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LEAKED: The possible August PS Plus lineup

People are less than impressed with the selection of games, but they haven't been confirmed yet so there's still a chance? We're not sure they will change in the next couple of days, but we can hope.

PS Plus August 2021 Games Reveal Date

Generally, we tend to see the announcement on the same day each month, the last Wednesday.

This means that, if Sony follows the same formula, we can expect to see the game's announcement on Wednesday, July 28th, mere weeks from now.

When Will The Games Release?

Just like the announcement, the release of each month's games happen on certain days. That day tends to be the first Tuesday of every month.

One Game Has Already Been Announced

Luckily, at July's State of Play, one game was already announced as part of the PS Plus lineup. That game was Hunter's Arena, a melee battle royal game already out in early access on Steam.

With a mixed to mostly positive response, it is clear the game has a lot of potential. Taking players and placing them in a 30 player arena, it combines PvP and PvE elements in a similar way to the likes of League of Legends.

You can take on AI enemies to get better loot and use that loot to take on real players. We don't know how it will perform on PlayStation just yet but we only have to wait a few weeks to find out. This is your first game.

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