NHL 21 Trial Live on EA Play

You can play a 10 hour trial of NHL 21 early access now on EA Play!

Let's go over all the details.

NHL 21 Trial on EA Play

The first early access to NHL 21 is through EA Play, a subscription service that offers 10-hours of gameplay for major EA titles before their release.

EA Play
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CUTTING THE LINE: EA Play is a new service that lets players jump in early

The EA Play trial went live on 8 October, and will run until release (or your 10 hours are up).

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The EA Play trial gameplay gives players access to all of NHL 21, so you can play whichever game mode you want for the entire duration.

NHL 21 Franchise Mode Features
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FLOORED: NHL 21 has many new changes to sweep players off their skates

This means players can get a head start in HUT, or simply get their careers started in Be a Pro or Franchise Mode.

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You can access this by subscribing to EA Play for $4.99 a month. Along with trials like this, the service also includes other benefits like in-game rewards.

Early Access

EA Play isn't the only way to play NHL 21 before release.

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Players can also get NHL 21 early access through purchasing the Great Eight Edition or the Ultimate Edition of NHL 21. This early access however is only available starting 13 October.


Throughout the development of NHL 21, we've gotten many updates and insights into changes this year.

NHL 21 Be A Pro
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BEHIND THE SCENES: New developments in Be a Pro and Franchise add a lot to gameplay off the ice

This includes a massive overhaul of Be a Pro mode, some changes to Franchise Mode, a new HUT RUSH system for HUT, and gameplay changes including superstar moves and better AI movement.

You can experience it all on EA Play now.

NHL 21 Release Date

For players that decide against getting early access to NHL 21, the game will officially release on 16 October.

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