NHL 21 Franchise Mode: Changes Revealed, Release Date & more

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EA have revealed the new gameplay features coming to NHL 21 Franchise Mode, and there's plenty to go through!

Let's dive into the details.

NHL 21 Franchise Mode

Franchise Mode didn't get the fanfare that Be a Pro Mode changes received early this month, including an awesome trailer breakdown.

Instead, NHL 21's new Franchise Mode features were broken down in a Developer Deep Dive format.

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These are the most important changes.

Trade Deadline

The trade deadline in NHL 21 Franchise Mode is getting several improvements.

NHL 21 Franchise Mode Trade Deadline
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For starters, players will be able to set their trade status between seller, buyer, conservative seller, and conservative buyer. These statuses will affect trade offers you receive.

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Another trade deadline improvement is a new menu for trade deadline players, whose value will fluctuate throughout deadline day just like in reality.

Record Book Stats

Franchise Mode will have plenty of new stats and stat tracking this year to keep players in tune with the accomplishments around them.

NHL 21 Franchise stat leaders
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This includes all-time NHL records, all-time season records, all-time rookie records, and franchise leadeers.

Trade Values (Players, Draft Picks)

One of the more important changes to NHL 21 Franchise Mode is a change in trade value.

NHL 21 franchise mode trade value 1
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Stars will now be far more recognizable with vastly higher trade value than other players.

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There will also be positional adjustment in trade value to reflect the change in NHL talent over recent years, which means centers and defenders will be valued higher while goalies and wingers will fall down a peg.

Draft Class Customization

To better pace the future of your NHL 21 Franchise gameplay, you can now customize draft classes in several ways.

NHL 21 Franchise mode Draft Class
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this includes the ability to adjust general class strength, and talent level of prospects.

NHL 21 Release Date

If you have the Deluxe Edition or Great Eight Edition then NHL 21 is now available to play!

If not, then you'll have to wait until 16 October.

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