NHL 21 Demo: Beta release date, Download, Teams, Game Modes, and more

When will we get a taste of NHL 21? Will EA give us a full demo, or just another beta?

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nhl 21 demo

The NHL season may be on pause, but we know that NHL 21 is still on its way!

Although many fans are playing the most recent release, NHL 20; we are looking ahead at what is to come from EA Sports.

The demo is the first chance for fans to check out the latest iteration of the beloved series. So, here is everything we know so far!

NHL 21 demo/beta release date

NHL 20 held its beta from 26-31 July, which was around six weeks before the actual game released.

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This demo/beta was opened to everyone worldwide, so expect the demo for NHL 21 to released in the same window as last year.

However, if they announce a release date that is earlier than mid-September we can expect to see an earlier demo/beta!


nhl 20 player ratings top 10 revealed including sidney crosby conor mcdavid 1
THE KID – Will Sid the Kid finally grace an NHL cover?

The NHL 20 demo/beta was available on PS4 and Xbox One, so we can expect the same for NHL 21.

No news yet on if NHL 21 is going to make its way to next-gen consoles. However, given the backwards compatibility of both the PS5 and Xbox Series X you will still be able to play!

To download the demo, all you have to do is head over to the respective online stores for each console and search NHL 21!


nhl 20 1

We do not know as of writing what teams are going to be in the demo for NHL 20.

Last year, players were able to test out most teams during the Online Versus mode!

Hopefully, we will have the same freedom this year.

The World of Chel

POND – Who doesn’t love a game of pond hockey?

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from last year’s beta was EA’s agenda for pushing the concept of The World of Chel. Inspired from your classic pond hockey matches, this game mode is a more relaxed version of the NHL gameplay.

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Along with team competitions in The World of Chel, there was also a new game mode titled “Eliminator”. This was NHL’s version of a battle royal, where 81 players would face off 1v1 to determine the best.

Expect this game mode to be in the beta this time around as well!

Online Versus

NATHAN mackinnon 1
VERSUS – What’s your favorite NHL team?

As apart of the demo from NHL 20, players were able to go head to head with someone online in the Online Versus mode.

You were able to check out all 31 NHL rosters here, so it was a great chance to check out all the new prospects and best players!

Be A Pro Mode

We highly doubt EA is going to let us sample Be A Pro mode during the demo!

Ultimate Team

As with Be A Pro, we do not expect we will get a chance to dive into Ultimate Team during the demo.

Early Access?

You will not be able to access the demo/beta early for NHL 21. However, if you are an EA Access member you will have the chance to play the game early.

As well, we can expect they will allow players who pre-ordered the two higher editions of the game to also get early access beforehand!

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