NHL 21 Be A Pro Trailer Reveals New Features

EA have premiered the NHL 21 Be A Pro Trailer, and it's given us some insight into new features coming to the career mode this year!

NHL 21 Be A Pro Trailer

The NHL 21 Be A Pro Trailer is finally live - giving us an overview of this year's career mode.

You can check out the trailer in-action below:

This trailer showcases several new NHL 21 Be A Pro features on and off the ice that will really upgrade the experience.

New Be A Pro Features


Let's dive right into the new features coming to NHL 21 Be A Pro.

For starters, Be A Pro will now have a new conversation system. This will feature hundreds of new conversations throughout out your Be A Pro career, with thousands of options.

NHL 21 Be A Pro Conversations 1
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MAKE YOUR MARK: Your choices in conversations will change your relationships with coaches, teammates, and the media (via your brand)

These conversations change your relationships with management, teammates, and the media (via your brand).

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This will have real effects for your on-ice performance by changing things like the frequency you'll receive passes from teammates.

Season Stories

NHL 21 Be A Pro will feature a new landscape of season stories that will impact the narrative around your career.

NHL 21 Be A Pro Scores Likeability Followers 1
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CONSEQUENCES FOR YOUR ACTIONS: How you perform in Be A Pro will shape your story

Whether it's pressure to score in your prime seasons as a star, prove yourself as a rookie, or more, this will impact your Be A Pro conversations and your narrative.

What NHL 21 Reveal is Next?

EA have given us a feature reveal roadmap which lets us know what's to come on the way to NHL 21 release.

nhl 21 update schedule
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THE ROAD AHEAD: NHL 21 is approaching its final reveals

The Be A Pro Trailer was slated for early October - and went live on Thursday, 1 October.

The final NHL 21 reveal on the roadmap is Franchise Mode, which is also coming early October.

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That means we can expect an NHL 21 Franchise Mode trailer as early as next week!

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