NHL 21 Editions: Early Access, Great Eight, Standard, Deluxe, pre-order, bonus content, price, early access & more

The release date for NHL 21 is here, but only if you got the right edition!

Here's everything you need to know.

Latest News - Early Access is here

At long last you can start your Stanley Cup quest in NHL 21, but only if you have the right edition of the game.

Otherwise you'll have to wait until 16 October to hit the ice.

NHL 21 Trailer

The NHL 21 Official Reveal Trailer is here! It also announced our NHL 21 cover star.

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NHL 21 Standard Edition

The Standard Edition is as you would expect.

nhl 21 ps4 cover
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BACK FOR MORE: Ovechkin has made his second NHL game cover

It costs $59.99, or $53.99 for EA Play members.

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A pre-order will get you two HUT Diamond Player Choice Packs, an XP Boost and Bonus Trait/Specialization Points for Be A Pro, and and one World of Chel Hockey Bag.

NHL 21 Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition brings a lot of extra content for a bump in price.

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GREATNESS: You can raise the cup early with the Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition will cost $79.99, or $71.99 for EA Play members.

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For this price you'll get 5 HUT Diamond Choice Packs, a HUT Synergy Veteran Choice Pack, HUT Cover Athlete Choice Pack, 3 days of Early Access, an XP Boost and Bonus Trait/Specialization Points for Be A Pro, and 2 World of Chel Hockey Bags.

NHL 21 Great Eight Edition

NHL 21 will be picking up a unique new edition called the Great Eight Edition.

NHL 21 Great Eight Edition
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LEGENDARY: The Great Eight Edition gives you the most fuel to push yourself to legendary status

It costs $99.99, or $89.99 for EA Play members.

This Edition comes with some big pre-order bonuses, including the 3-days of Early Access shared with the Deluxe Edition.

The differences for this Edition include double the starting HUT Diamond Choice packs of the Deluxe Edition (which will also be released twice as fast), and some extra rewards like Chel Hockey Bags.

Which edition is the best?

If you are a dedicated HUT player, then the Great Eight Edition is definitely the one for you.

Not only do you get some seriously awesome extras, but you also get a head start on grinding out rewards.

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However, if you are mostly an offline player then $40 is a lot to pay for early access. Those that focus on single player modes are best served by the Standard Edition.

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