NBA 2K24: Everything you need to know

NBA 2K23 Giannis Antetokounmpo

NBA 2K23 Giannis Antetokounmpo

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The big day has arrived, with Take-Two finally announcing a whole range of NBA 2K24 information. Everything from the release date to edition bonuses and a range of gameplay features has been confirmed.

Fans looking for a step up in the franchise should be excited for what is ahead as NBA 2K hits its 25th anniversary. We are still some weeks away from release, but the future is bright for NBA gamers.

Here's everything we know so far about NBA 2K24!

Latest news - New badge progression system

NBA 2K24 has introduced a new badge progression system. This new badge progression system is coming to MyCAREER and The City, but only for new-gen consoles.

NBA 2K24 new badge progression system
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It introduces 24 badges and a brand-new way to evolve them. The MyPLAYER builder was also massively improved, and will now provide players with a unique way to create their character.

Release date confirmed

At long last we have an NBA 2K24 release date! Players can hit the court in the new game from 8 September.

Much like last year, there is no early access, despite a number of editions of the game coming out this year. For a full run-down of everything announced in the most recent content drop from 2K click here.

NBA 2K24 editions & price

So we already know two editions of the game, with the Kobe Bryant Edition and the Black Mamba Edition now confirmed by 2K. However, there is plenty more past that.

The two Kobe Bryant covers for NBA 2K24
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ELITE - #24 is back

2K has also announced a special 25th Anniversary Edition and a US & Canada only WNBA Edition.

The Kobe Bryant Edition will cost £59.99 for Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC players while it will be £69.99 for those on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

The Black Mamba Edition checks in at £89.99 and the 25th Anniversary Edition will be £129.99. Click here for a full rundown of the bonuses in each 2K24 edition.

Mamba Moments revealed

When 2K revealed Kobe Bryant as the cover star for this year's game everyone was happy about it. Along with his cover status comes Mamba Moments, a historical replay of Bryant's biggest career moments.

Players will don the iconic Lakers jersey and play through seven of Kobe's most important games. 2K has now revealed the Mamba Moments we will be taking on.


The MyNBA game mode is introducing many new features in NBA 2K24!

Features such as automatic ageing transformation and different news mediums were added. Other features such as attributes were tuned. These features add a new level of detail to the game, making it more realistic, immersive, and authentic.

The Eras game mode is back and it seems it will become a staple of the MyNBA mode. Similar to the previous edition, the mode allows players to play in some of the most iconic eras in basketball history.

NBA 2K24 MyNBA LeBron Era
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The LeBron Era is coming to NBA 2K24!

All four eras that were playable last year are coming back, with a new one being added. This new era is called the LeBron Era and lets players experience the 2010s basketball decade.

Players have the option to join the king in the Heat and help him create the biggest dynasty in NBA history. However, users can also choose to rewrite history in a different way, not allowing the Heat to win a single title, or helping that incredibly talented Pacers team to beat the Heat.

NBA 2K24 MyNBA Lite
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MyNBA Lite is perfect for players who are new to the franchise mode.

A new MyNBA game mode is also in NBA 2K24. It's called MyNBA Lite, and it delivers players a "pick-up-and-play" experience, making it easier to enter the NBA 2K24 franchise mode.

This game mode has three pillars. Drafts, trades, and winning titles. In MyNBA Lite, players don't need to worry about the CBA restrictions. Instead, they can focus on making trades that improve their team, drafting the next superstar, and winning titles.

It's also worth noting that, NBA 2K24 will have the new CBA agreement rules in place. However, they will only be present in the Modern Era.

NBA 2K24 gameplay changes

2K has finally released the NBA 2K24 gameplay trailer. The trailer showcased all the new gameplay features that were introduced, and it also explained how these features would impact the gameplay.

NBA 2K24 gameplay footage
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Many of the gameplay features were revamped, such as shooting, dunking, and dribbling, with strength and width being tuned. Defense and offense also underwent some changes, with the game becoming more skill-based on both sides.

2K also released more information on the ProPLAY technology. This feature will have a huge impact on the gameplay, making it feel much more authentic and realistic


The MyCareer game mode is one of the most popular modes in the NBA 2K franchise. We predict that will continue in NBA 2K24, with players creating even more unique characters and taking over the league.

NBA 2K24
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We still don't know much about the changes coming into the game mode in NBA 2K24, but we expect it to be minimal. Apart from The City having a fresh look, and the traditional sidequests players need to complete on MyCareer, the mode will most likely stay the same.


There still isn't much information about MyTEAM in NBA 2K24, apart from a new game mode which has been confirmed.

This game mode is called Salary Cap, and it's expected the mode will only allow players to use cards of a certain OVR, or tier. The goal is for players to be on equal footing, and eliminate the massive quality disparity in players' squads.

All the traditional MyTEAM modes such as Triple Threat, Unlimited, and Domination, will all be back. We don't expect any of these modes to undergo massive changes.

NBA 2K24 Jimmy Butler
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However, one feature underwent some massive changes. Seasons, which allows players to earn plenty of rewards, will have a different look in NBA 2K24. 2K has added two premium Season Passes, which players need to acquire and that offer better rewards.

These new premium Season Passes are called the Pro Pass and the Hall of Fame Pass. Pro Pass costs $9.99 and offers 40 Premium Level rewards, VC, and MTP.

As for the Hall of Fame Pass, it costs $19.99 and includes all the rewards of the Pro Pass. It also offers players a 15% XP booster, an "additional Season Pass reward", and users automatically skip ten levels of the Season Pass.

NBA 2K24 Season Passes
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The NBA 2K24 Season Passes system has undergone some huge changes.

The free Seasons Pass is still available, but it has become somewhat pointless. That's because it doesn't provide as valuable rewards as the two premium passes.

It's also worth noting that, this year's Season Pass also contains a unified progression system. This system "combines MyCAREER and MyTEAM into one linear rewards system".

The W takes a huge leap forward

The W is an increasingly popular game mode, that attracts more players each year. To make sure this trend continues, 2K developers introduced many new features to the game mode. These features will make The W the most realistic, entertaining, and authentic it has ever been.

One of the features that is coming to The W in NBA 2K24, is a new career path. Now, players have the prospect or the undiscovered gem path to choose from. Depending on the path users choose, their road to the WNBA will be significantly different.

NBA 2K24 The W career path
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In the prospect path, players take the role of a College superstar, who won multiple MVP trophies, player of the year awards, and championships. They come into the WNBA with a lot of hype and expectations. In this path, players will start with a 75 OVR.

The undiscovered gem path is quite different. Here, players start as a top College prospect that went undrafted and needed to go overseas to own their craft.

After becoming a very experienced player, and making a name for itself overseas, players will try to take the WNBA by storm. Players will start with an 85 OVR, but little to no hype or expectations.

NBA 2K24 The W In pursuit of greatness
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In pursuit of greatness is also one of the new features added to the game mode. It puts players against some of the biggest WNBA stars, to see how they compare against them.

The goal is for players to outperform their position rivals and become the best player in the league. Furthermore, players will also be competing to outperform some of the WNBA all-time greats.

Players that manage to outperform the legend they are competing against, will win an exclusive sleeve that boosts their attributes. With the In pursuit of greatness feature, every game matters, making The W more entertaining.

NBA 2K24 The W menu
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Perhaps the biggest change in The W is the removal of Contact Challenges and the addition of Pick-Up Games. Pick-Up Games allow players to earn badge perks, which they can then use to upgrade their character.

To earn these badge perks, players need to defeat one of three teams. These three teams are quite unique, and each one of them offers a different badge perk.

One team is composed of WNBA players that players are going against in the In pursuit of greatness feature. The second team is made up of current WNBA players, while the final one is composed of historic WNBA players.

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