NBA 2K24 Release Date: Launch date revealed

nba 2k24 release date

nba 2k24 release date

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After great successes this year, 2K Sports has a high bar to clear and everyone is eagerly anticipating the NBA 2K24 release date.

NBA 2K24 could see more real-world integration similar to the J. Cole content we have enjoyed so far this season. With that in mind, we are looking ahead to when a future release date may be, with no official confirmation given by 2K yet.

Latest: NBA 2K24 gameplay trailer released

2K has finally released the NBA 2K24 gameplay trailer. The trailer showcased all the new gameplay features that were introduced, and it also explained how these features will impact the gameplay.

NBA 2K24 gameplay footage
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Many of the gameplay features were revamped, such as shooting, dunking, and dribbling, with strength and width being tuned. Defense and offense also underwent some changes, with the game becoming more skill-based on both sides.

2K also released more information on the ProPLAY technology. This feature will have a huge impact on the gameplay, making it feel much more authentic and realistic

NBA 2K24 release date

The official NBA 2K24 release date has finally been revealed. As expected, players can hit the court and start their path to glory from 8 September.

Michael Jordan in NBA 2K23
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EVERYONE WANTS TO BE LIKE MIKE - Set new records with Jordan in NBA 2K23

This is right in line with previous years and gives fans the chance to dive into the game before the new season starts.

Early access

Early access was unavailable for NBA 2K23, and it is a similar story this year. None of the NBA 2K24 editions carry any early access to the game.

This is in stark contrast to other sports games. But 2K is doing their own thing. There are still plenty or reasons to get the higher editions of the game though.

Cover athlete announced

After much speculation, 2K has announced the cover star of NBA 2K24, and it is someone we should have seen coming...

Kobe Bryant will grace the front of two editions this year, the Kobe Bryant Edition and the Black Mamba Edition.

The two Kobe Bryant covers for NBA 2K24
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ELITE - #24 is back

We should really have seen it coming, with Kobe famously donning #24 during his career. The Lakers legend returns to the cover for the first time since NBA 2K21, when he had a special tribute edition following his untimely passing.

New gameplay tech

NBA 2K24 will see the introduction of ProPLAY. This feature will be exclusive to PS5 & Xbox Series X|S and seeks to bring the most realistic gameplay ever.

ProPLAY will directly translate NBA footage into NBA 2K24 gameplay. Take-Two claims this will "deliver animations and movements via on-court NBA action for a generational leap in authenticity".

We are yet to see any gameplay from NBA 2K24, so its impact remains to be seen but we are definitely feeling positive about this one!

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