NBA 2K24: New badge progression system introduced

NBA 2K24 New badge progression system

NBA 2K24 New badge progression system

2K has released more exciting information about NBA 2K24! This time, the North American publisher introduced a new badge progression system. The initial reaction from the community has been mixed. Some players love the changes while others completely dislike it.

This new badge progression system is coming to MyCAREER and The City, but only for new-gen consoles. This means only PS5 and Xbox Series S/X players will be able to enjoy it. It introduces plenty of new badges and new ways to evolve them.

According to the NBA 2K developers, these changes have the goal of "allowing players to focus on their strengths and experiment with different builds to find success with their MyPLAYER".

So, let's find out everything about the new badge progression system.

New badges

As mentioned above, NBA 2K24 is introducing many new badges, that will let players create even more unique builds. A total of 24 new badges were added, with the game having 77 badges overall.

NBA 2K24 new badges
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There are new badges for every single category. The shooting category was the one that received the most new badges, with 13 badges being added. However, some badges were also removed from the game, to give place to new ones. These badges are :

  • Limitless Takeoff
  • Bully
  • Clamp Breaker,
  • Menace
  • Mismatch Expert,
  • Quick First Step
  • Vice Grip
  • Amped
  • Clutch Shooter
  • Floor General
  • Volume Shooter
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New MyPLAYER builder

The MyPLAYER was revamped and took a huge leap forward. Many new features were introduced, providing players with a new way of creating their characters.

Now, when creating their players, users have customizable NBA player templates, a new attributes page, and more badge tiers. Takeovers were removed from the character builder process since they are now available to every player during in-game moments.

NBA 2K24 badge perks
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We also have a new tier system for badges, with every badge being split into four tiers. These four tiers are S-, A-, B-, and C-Tier. This tier system makes it easier for players to understand which are the best badges in the game. S-tier badges ate the best of the best, while C-tier ones are among the worst in the game.

Similar to NBA 2K23, "each badge has a unique set of attribute requirements", that players need to fulfil to unlock it. Another big change was the introduction of max heights/weights for positions. This ensures there are fewer meta builds, making the game much more fun to play.

Badge level progression

This new badge-level progression system completely changes how you upgrade your badge and which ones you choose.

From now on, players will earn badges by badge usage. This means that the more a player uses a specific badge in-game, the more this badge will progress to the next tier.

NBA 2K24 new badge progression system
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Badges that players use a lot in-game will quickly reach higher levels. On the flip side, badges that have low usage in-game will slowly reach lower levels. However, badges will never drop below bronze, and once a badge drops a level it's easier to regain that level than it was to first reach it.

Depending on their tier, badges will also be harder or easier to earn in NBA 2K24. S-tier badges are quite hard to earn, while C-tier are the easiest ones. Each tier you go up makes it harder to reach the next one and easier to go down.

Players can improve their badges at the Team Practice Facility, the Gatorade Training Facility, and Chris Brickley’s Gym. By upgrading badges, players will earn many rewards.

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