NBA 2K24 MyNBA: New era revealed, new game mode introduced & more

NBA 2K24

NBA 2K24

The MyNBA game mode is introducing many exciting features in NBA 2K24. 2K has revealed all the changes that are coming to the game mode, and so far, the community response has been positive.

MyNBA will see the return of the Eras feature but with the addition of a brand new era. A new game mode was also announced, and it's focused on players that are new to the MyNBA mode. Furthermore, plenty of other features were tuned to present players with the most realistic experience possible.

Without further ado, let's see all the changes coming to the MyNBA mode in NBA 2K24.

A new Era is here!

As mentioned above, the Eras feature, which was implemented in NBA 2K23, is back in NBA 2K24. This feature allows players to experience some of the most iconic eras in basketball. It was well received by the 2K community, which is extremely happy to see it return.

In NBA 2K24, the four eras featured in NBA 2K23 are back, plus a brand new one. This new era is called the LeBron Era and will let players experience the 2010s basketball decade.

NBA 2K24 MyNBA LeBron James Era
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The LeBron James Era is Here!

Players can choose to join forces with LeBron, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh to dominate the league once again. Perhaps users are even capable of winning not one, not two, not three, but seven titles. There is also the option of trying to rewrite history and go against the ‘Heatles’ superteam.

The Eras feature also received some other small changes. Players now undergo an automatic ageing transformation. The attributes were adjusted across all eras to better reflect how players develop, and eras have different news mediums.

This brings much more detail into the eras game mode, making everything as realistic as possible. The goal is to make players feel like they are living in that era, and reshaping history.

MyNBA Lite

MyNBA Lite is the brand new MyNBA game mode. Is a mode focused on players that are new to MyNBA. It delivers them a "pick-up-and-play" experience, making it easier to enter the NBA 2K24 franchise mode.

NBA 2K24 Victor Wembanyama
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Victor Wembanyama is the face of the new MyNBA Lite mode.

This feature allows casual players to quickly get familiar with the Franchise mode, by delivering a more streamlined and intuitive experience. The three pillars of the game mode are drafting, training and winning titles.

In MyNBA Lite, players don't need to worry about the CBA restrictions. Instead, they can focus on making trades that improve their team, drafting the next superstar, and winning titles.

New CBA agreement

NBA 2K24 will have the new CBA agreement rules in place. 2K implemented every single rule in the CBA agreement into the game, and some come as new features. Features such as the new luxury tax brackets that scale with the salary cap, cap smoothing, increased value from Mid-Level Exceptions, and many others.

NBA 2K4 MyNBA Eras mediums
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Different news mediums were implemented in all Eras

This ensures MyNBA delivers the most authentic experience possible. It's worth noting that, the new CBA agreement was only implemented in the Modern Era mode.

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