NBA 2K24 The W: New career path revealed, improved reward system & more

NBA 2K24 Sabrina Ionescu

NBA 2K24 Sabrina Ionescu

Every year The W game mode introduces new and exciting features. In NBA 2K24 that won't be different, with the increasingly popular game mode being more immersive than ever. This time, The W is introducing a new career path, a revamped rewards system, and the brand new In pursuit of greatness feature.

All of these features aim to improve the player's experience and immersion. This way, players can feel like they are actually playing a WNBA game, and competing against legends of the game.

Without further ado, let's check out all the new features that are coming to The W in NBA 2K24.

The W new career path

As mentioned above, The W is introducing a new career path, that changes how you enter the league. This is something that already existed in previous editions of MyCAREER, but is only now arriving at The W.

Now, players can pick between the prospect or the undiscovered gem path. If you opt for the prospect path, you will start as a College superstar, and enter the league with a 75 OVR. Furthermore, you will have a lot of hype around you.

NBA 2K24 The W career path
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There are two career paths you can choose from in The W.

In the undiscovered gem path, you will start as a College player that went undrafted and went overseas to play professional basketball. While you will arrive at the league with way less buzz around you, you will already be quite experienced and an MVP-caliber player. You will start with an 85 OVR.

In pursuit of greatness

This brand-new game mode puts players against some of the biggest WNBA stars, to see how they compare against them. You will be measured against some of the legends of the game, and the top WNBA players for your position.

The goal is for you to outperform your position rivals and become the best player in the league. Furthermore, you will also be competing to outperform some of the WNBA all-time greats.

NBA 2K24 The W In pursuit of greatness
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Measure yourself against legendary players in this new feature!

If you manage to outperform the legend you are competing against, you will win an exclusive sleeve that boosts your attributes.

This makes The W game mode more entertaining, competitive and immersive for players. With the In pursuit of greatness feature, every game matters.

The W rewards

The W is receiving a plethora of new rewards for both the offline and online modes. You can unlock these rewards by winning games and completing challenges.

By doing so, you will earn many MyTEAM Shoe Cards, MyTEAM Jersey Cards, "2K Breakthrough Skins", and many other rewards.

Pick-Up Games

Contact Challenges won't be back in NBA 2K24. The feature will be replaced by Pick-Up Games. This feature allows you to earn many badge perks, which helps upgrade your character. To win the exciting badge perks, you will need to defeat one of three unique teams.

NBA 2K24 The W menu
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Here is the new The W menu!

One team is composed of WNBA players you are going against in the In pursuit of greatness feature. The second team is made up of current WNBA players, while the final one is composed of historic players.

It's worth noting that, every single group gives a different badge perk.

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