NBA 2K24: The best build templates

NBA 2K24 Kawhi Leonard

NBA 2K24 Kawhi Leonard

There is nothing more important than creating a good MyPLAYER build in NBA 2K24. Without a good build, you will struggle to become a superstar in MyCAREER, reach the GOAT status, and be competitive in The City.

To make it easier for players to create their build, NBA 2K introduced build templates. These templates represent builds inspired by NBA superstars, that resemble that specific player's playstyle and characteristics.

This feature makes it easier for players to create their characters. That's because they can a template build as their starting point, and adjust it how they see fit.

So, without further ado, let's find out which are the best build templates in NBA 2K24.

Best build templates in NBA 2K24

There are plenty of build templates in NBA 2K24, but some are clearly better than others. Some built templates you should avoid completely, and we will talk more about those further in the article.

NBA 2K24 Lauri Markkanen build templates
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It's also worth noting that, some positions don't have great build templates. Positions such as Center or Power Forward have decent build templates, but those builds won't help you dominate the court.

So, let's focus on the best build templates, the ones that will help you reach the GOAT status, and be among the upper echelon of NBA 2K24 players.

1 - Jaylen Brown

Let's start with the Jaylen Brown build template, arguably the best replica build in NBA 2K24. Brown is a very well-rounded player, that excels at driving to the rim, or on the mid-range. With this build, you will also have good ball-handling skills and decent passing attributes.

NBA 2K24 Jaylen Brown build template
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Jaylen Brown is a fantastic mid-range shooter.

All in all, this is a very good build. You will have a player that can play defense, can handle the ball, is a good shooter with fantastic mid-range, and is elite at finishing. If you want a Shooting Guard that can impact both sides of the floor, this build is perfect for you.

2 - Trae Young

In second place of our best build templates lits, we have the Trae Young build. Trae Young is the perfect prototype of an NBA 2K Point Guard. He has astonishing ball-handling skills, is a great scorer, can break opponents' ankles with ease, and is also a decent playmaker.

NBA 2K24 Trae Young build template
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Be careful or Trae Young might break your ankles!

Trae Young also has some of the best dribble moves in the game, and perfectly fits the current NBA 2K24 meta. If you are looking for a Point Guard who excels on the offensive end, as a scorer and passer, this build i great for you.

However, it's worth noting that, this Trae Young build doesn't have a lot of defensive attributes. So, don't expect to lockdown anyone with this build.

3- Paul George

Similar to the Jaylen Brown build, this is also a very well-rounded build. You have good shooting attributes, great finishing attributes, and decent playmaking attributes. This build also gives you good ball handling, and the ability to lockdown opponents on defense.

NBA 2K24 Paul George build template
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This PG 13 build will make you an elite two-way player!

It's by far the best SF build template. With this build, you can impact both sides of the floor, being a spectacular defender and a reliable scorer. Depending on what attributes you value the most, you can even consider this build better than the Trae Young one.

Build templates to avoid

As mentioned above, we have some build templates you should avoid at all costs. That's because these builds don't excel in any particular area, and compared to other build templates of the same position are simply bad.

Jalen Brunson is one of the build templates you should avoid, as he is incredibly small, slow, and a liability on defense. There are plenty of better SG or PG builds around.

NBA 2K24 Draymond Green build template
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We also have the Draymond Green build template in the to-avoid list. It's not like he has awful attributes, but he is small for a PF, slow, and isn't a great shooter or finisher. Green does have an incredible passing accuracy, but that's not really what you want in a great PF build.

Hopefully, this information will help you choose and create a great MyPLAYER build. If you also want to know how to dominate the court in MyCAREER, check out our guide.

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