NBA 2K24 MyCAREER Guide: Learn how to take over the league

NBA 2K24 Oklahoma City Thunder players

NBA 2K24 Oklahoma City Thunder players

MyCAREER is the most popular game mode of NBA 2K24. It allows millions of players to create their character and experience the life of an NBA player. It's by far the most immersive mode of NBA 2K24.

This year the mode introduced plenty of new features. Unfortunately, most of them weren't well received by the 2K community. But this is nothing to be surprised about, as the whole game has faced heavy criticism from fans, and the game reviews also haven't been great.

Despite that, it's crucial to understand these new features and learn how to master them. This is the only way for you to take over the league and reach the GOAT status.

Without further ado, let's find out everything about MyCAREER in NBA 2K24.

Getting started in MyCAREER

Getting started in MyCAREER seems pretty easy. You just need to click on the MyCAREER icon, create your character, create your build, choose the team you want to play for, and you're ready to go.

However, there is one thing that is very important when you are starting in MyCAREER, and that is your MyPLAYER build. The build you create needs to be compatible with your playstyle since you can't change it later unless you decide to start a new save.

So, if you want to create a player that is capable of competing offline and online, you will spend plenty of time in the MyPLAYER Builder. But once you have figured out which build you want to go for, things become much easier.

NBA 2K24 MyPLAYER Builder
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After creating your build, you will be asked to choose the team you want to play for. In previous years, you would need to think about which players played in your position and choose a team where it would be easier to get the starting role.

However, that isn't the case in NBA 2K24, as you come into the league as a generational talent, and are inserted in the starting lineup right away. So, simply choose the team you support, or a team you really want to play for.

Then, you just need to play games, use the VC you earn to upgrade your player and take your team to the promised land. Oh, and don't forget the most important thing about MyCAREER. Have fun!

Best MyCAREER Builds

As mentioned above, creating a good build is the most important thing in MyCAREER. At the same time, it's arguably the most difficult thing to do. But you don't need to worry about that because we've got you covered.

We have carefully selected the best builds for every position in NBA 2K24. These builds will give you an advantage over opponents, and save you plenty of time.

NBA 2K24
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If you like dictating the flow of the offense and shooting from long-range, then our PG build is perfect for you. However, if you like to be an all-around player, that can impact both sides of the floor, make sure to check out our SF and PF builds.

With Paint scorers being super strong in NBA 2K24, we would suggest you create a build similar to this one:

Custom Template

  • Height - 7'3"
  • Weight - 290 lbs
  • Wingspan - 8'1"


  • Close Shot - 99
  • Driving Layup - 60
  • Driving Dunk - 64
  • Standing Dunk - 99
  • Post Control - 99
  • Mid-Range Shot - 78
  • Three-Point Shot - 73
  • Free Throw - 88
  • Pass Accuracy - 89
  • Ball Handle - 49
  • Speed With Ball - 32
  • Interior Defense: 99
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  • Perimeter Defense - 52
  • Steal - 60
  • Block - 99
  • Offensive Rebound - 99
  • Defensive Rebound - 99
  • Speed - 36
  • Acceleration - 30
  • Strength - 99
  • Vertical - 62
  • Stamina - 87

It's worth noting that, just like in previous NBA 2K editions, you will need plenty of VC to upgrade your player. This means that if you don't want to spend any money on VC, it can take some time until your player reaches a high OVR.

Fortunately for you, we have found an easy way to earn VC in MyCAREER. So, let's take a look at it below.

The fastest way to earn VC

As mentioned above, you need to spend a lot of money on VC to increase your character attributes. This is something most players can't or don't want to do. Fortunately, a VC glitch in MyCAREER was discovered and it allows players to earn VC in a very quick way.

To perform this glitch on old-gen consoles, you need to play as many MyCAREER games as possible, and foul out in every one of them. If you are a new-gen player, then you need to accumulate five fouls, and just play out the rest of the game. To know more about this glitch, check out our guide here.

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Even if you foul out of a game, you still receive the full contract rewards. So, this is a very easy and fast way to gain VC. However, we advise you to do this on your secondary MyCAREER save, as it will affect your badges and averages.

We hope this guide helped you get started in MyCAREER. For more guides and all the latest news about NBA 2K24, check out Realsport101.

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