NBA 2K24: Best SF build

NBA 2K24 Jimmy Butler

NBA 2K24 Jimmy Butler

The latest NBA simulation game is here, and you have to be ready before starting a MyCareer save in NBA 2K24. Creating a player can be tricky, especially if you never played NBA 2K before. If you want to create big guys who will defend the paint and be effective on offence, check out the best C build in NBA 2K24 and the best PF build in NBA 2K24. In this guide, we give you the best small forward build in NBA 2K24.

All-Star small forwards should have decent all-around attributes. It’s perhaps the most delicate position, but what we’re looking for is a strong defense, athleticism, and excellent finishing.

Unlike the centres that offer multiple options in builds, small forwards should offer a perfect blend of an offensive and defensive star. We’ll show you how to create one.

Best SF build in NBA 2K24

The perfect height for the best SF build in NBA 2K24 is 6’7’’. It’s going to be a two-way interior finisher and a protector of his own rim.

NBA 2K24 Jimmy Butler
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The most powerful athlete on the floor, a small forward will bring you a lot of points, but will also fill the stat sheet.

Best 6’7″ Small Forward Build

Custom Template

  • Height – 6’7″
  • Weight – 210 lbs
  • Wingspan – 7’1″
  • Body Shape – Defined


  • Close Shot - 23
  • Driving Layup - 90
  • Driving Dunk - 90
  • Standing Dunk - 60
  • Post Control - 25
  • Mid-Range Shot - 70
  • Three-Point Shot - 60
  • Free Throw - 73
  • Pass Accuracy - 74
  • Ball Handle - 86
  • Speed With Ball - 83
  • Interior Defense - 60
  • Perimeter Defense - 90
  • Steal - 82
  • Block - 49
  • Offensive Rebound - 28
  • Defensive Rebound - 50
  • Speed - 86
  • Acceleration - 80
  • Strength - 78
  • Vertical - 87
  • Stamina - 94

Takeovers (Next Gen)

Primary Takeover: Finishing Moves

Secondary Takeover: Extreme Clamps

Takeovers (Current Gen)

Primary Takeover: Slasher

Secondary Takeover: Locked Down Defender


Acrobat (Gold), Aerial Wizard (Silver), Fearless Finisher (Gold), Giant Slayer (Gold), Posterizer (Silver).
Amped (Silver), Clutch Shooter (Silver), Slippery Off-Ball (Silver).
Ankle Breaker (Silver), Floor General (Silver), Handles for Days (Silver), Hyperdrive (Silver), Killer Combos (Silver), Mismatch Expert (Bronze), Quick First Step (Gold).
Boxout Beast (Silver), Challenger (Silver), Clamps (Silver), Interceptor (Silver), Menace (Bronze).
NBA 2K24 LeBron James
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Naturally, you may have your own preferences when it comes to the best SF build in NBA 2K24. In case you want a better three-pointer than a dunker, you can adjust the attributes.

However, we believe a small forward should do more of a dirty work on the floor than his teammates. For shooting, you’ll have sharpshooting guards. Our small forward is the most versatile player on any team, so it will be hard not to follow our guide for the best SF build in NBA 2K24.

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