NBA 2K24: Tips and tricks to dominate the court

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NBA 2K24 The City park

NBA 2K24 launched on 8 September, with the game introducing plenty of new features. Despite being heavily criticised by the 2K community, and having a plethora of bad reviews, the game still managed to sell millions of copies. Mostly because for basketball lovers, NBA 2K is the only simulation game available.

Despite most of the features not delivering what users were waiting for, the NBA 2K24 gameplay is quite good. It has been what kept players hooked to the game. Like in every NBA 2K, some players are always looking for ways to improve, being their gameplay, or other things.

So, if you are looking for some tips and tricks about the game, which will help improve your gameplay, gain plenty of VC, or create an incredible build, you have come to the right place.

NBA 2K24 gameplay meta

Every NBA 2K edition has a gameplay meta. NBA 2K24 is no different, with this year's edition having a shooting meta. Players can pretty much score from everywhere on the field, and greening shots never was so easy.

NBA 2K24 gameplay
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Some players have complained about this meta, while others have enjoyed it a lot. Even if greening shots is easier it still requires some skill. However, there have been players consistently scoring from well behind half-court, which is not realistic, even for 2K.

Post-scorers are incredibly strong

If you don't know which build you want to make for your MyCAREER player, we advise you to create a Post-scorer. Post-scorers were already pretty popular and strong in previous editions. However, in NBA 2K24, Post-scorers are dominating the court, doing some things they shouldn't be able to.

As the name indicates, Post-scorers should dominate the paint, scoring the majority of their points there. But in NBA 2K24, Post-scorers can also break your angles, and in some cases, even score from the three-point line consistently.

NBA 2K24 Victor Wembanyam
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Because of that, Post-scorers are almost unstoppable in NBA 2K24. Not only are they good in the post, but they can also drop guards in the perimeter, or score fadeaway jumpers.

If you want to know how to create the best Post-scorer or other great center builds, check out our guide.

VC glitches in NBA 2K24

If there is one thing that doesn't change in the NBA 2K franchise is the importance of VC. Every year the game becomes more "pay-to-win", which makes VC even more important. If you want to improve your character attributes, you will need plenty of VC.

Because of that, players are always looking for ways to earn VC for free. The best way to do that is by abusing glitches. Yes, you might argue is not "morally correct" to do that as you're "cheating". However, not everyone has $100 or more to spend on their build.

NBA 2K24
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So, we will teach you an easy way to make VC on MyCAREER mode. If you play on the old-gen, you want to play as many MyCAREER games as possible, and foul out in every one of them.

If you are a new-gen player, then you want to accumulate five fouls, and just play out the rest of the game. Both methods will allow you to earn the full contract rewards in a faster way. To know more about this glitch, check out our guide here.

Best dribble moves in NBA 2K24

Dribble moves are an important part of NBA 2K24, and having the best ones equipped will give you a big advantage over opponents. There are a lot of Dribble moves you can equip, so finding the best ones is not easy. But you don't need to worry about that, because we've got you covered.


First, you need to equip the Kyrie Irving dribble style, as it's by far the best one in the game. There are other good dribble styles such as the Kevin Durant or Ja Morant one, but you really want the Kyrie Irving dribble style.

For your "Signature Size-Up" move, you want to have the Steve Francis dribble move equipped. When it comes to the "Regular Breakdown Combo" and "Aggressive Breakdown Combo", you want to have the Isaiah Thomas and Jamal Murray dribble moves equipped respectively.

NBA 2K24 animations store menu
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Then, for the "Escape Moves" and "Combo Moves" dribble styles, you want to select the Trae Young and Jayson Tatum dribble moves respectively.

Last but not least, we have the "Hesitation" and "Stepback" dribble styles. For these two you want to equip the Ja Morant and Stephen Curry dribble moves respectively. For an in-depth guide about these dribble moves, and why they are the best, check out the YouTube video of NBA 2K pro player FantaSZN.

Hopefully, these tips will provide you with the help you need to master NBA 2K24 while having some fun doing it. As with everything in life, practice makes perfect, so make sure to remember that!

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