NBA 2K24: Best PG build

NBA 2K24 Stephen Curry

NBA 2K24 Stephen Curry

A lot of NBA fans consider a point guard the most important position on a team. It is surely the most popular position among the 2K players, and that’s why we give you the best point guard build in NBA 2K24.

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We know that there cannot be a successful basketball team without an excellent point guard. Some of the greatest players of the game played at point guard: Magic Johnson, Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, and now Stephen Curry.

If you want to have a floor general and point god on your roster, make sure to follow our best PG build in NBA 2K24 guide.

Best PG build in NBA 2K24

Some of the most important traits for an All-Star point guard are pass accuracy, ball handling, speed, and perimeter defence.

Stephen Curry NBA 2K24
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We mentioned Curry, who is not only a top point guard but is also the main point producer for his team. However, in this best PG build in NBA 2K24, we focus on a PG who will set up plays and successfully defend the perimeter.

Custom Template

  • Height - 6’3’’
  • Weight - 220 lbs
  • Wingspan - 7’1’’
  • Body Shape - Defined


  • Close Shot - 55
  • Driving Layup – 71
  • Driving Dunk – 50
  • Standing Dunk – 25
  • Post Control – 25
  • Mid-range Shot – 65
  • Three-Point Shot – 70
  • Free Throw – 69
  • Pass Accuracy – 89
  • Ball Handle – 91
  • Speed with Ball – 91
  • Interior Defense – 31
  • Perimeter Defense – 90
  • Steal – 73
  • Block – 25
  • Offensive Rebound – 25
  • Defensive Rebound – 45
  • Speed – 93
  • Acceleration – 88
  • Strength – 40
  • Vertical – 63
  • Stamina - 89

Takeovers (Next Gen)

Primary Takeover: Team Ratings Boost

Secondary: Pull-Up Precision

Takeovers (Current Gen)

Primary Takeover: Playmaker

Secondary: Shot Creator


Posterizer (Silver), Slithery (Silver), Agent 3 (Silver), Blinder (Gold), Deadeye (Gold), Limitless Range (Silver), Blow-By (Silver), Handles For Days (Silver), Killer Combos (Silver), Speed Booster (Gold), Unpluckable (Gold), Clamps (Bronze), Hyperdrive (Gold), Speed Booster (Gold)
Precision Dunker (Silver), Catch & Shoot (Gold), Green Machine (Gold), Guard Up (Gold), Space Creator (Gold), Dimer (Silver), Ankle Breaker (Gold), 94 Feet (Bronze), Ankle Braces (Silver), Challenger (Silver), Fast Feet (Silver), Pick Dodger (Silver), Work Horse (Silver), Interceptor (Bronze), Spot Finder (Gold)
Bunny (Gold), Whistle (Silver), Claymore (HOF), Comeback Kid (HOF), Corner Specialist (Gold), Open Looks (Gold), Spot Finder (Gold), Special Delivery (Silver), Touch Passer (Bronze), Triple Strike (Gold)
Aerial Wizard (Gold), Spin Cycle (HoF), Two Step (HoF), Break Starter (Silver), Relay Passer (Bronze), Off-Ball Pest (Silver)

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